Sunday, December 29, 2013

Carpenter and cook

Yay to cafe visiting! After a special jewel delivery yesterday, I managed to make a trip down to this much raved about quaint little cafe at Bukit Timah yesterday. It's old school striped "headgear" easily stands out amongst the shops just beside the road.

Be welcomed with a series of quaint and quirky decoration in this little cafe, which easily tugs the heartstrings of any girl

Love the interesting selection of homemade jams they offer!

And isn't this coffee machine an absolute darling?

And pans can really make quite a statement :p

Time to tuck in!

Passionfruit Meringue

This is so good. A refreshing selection from the usual cakes offered in cafes like starbucks and bakerzin (despite me being still a big fan of their cakes). Love how soft and fluffy the passionfruit meringue peaks are, melting together with the lemon custard cream and crispy tart skin. Definitely a must try here!

Chocolate sea salt camarel tart

After something tangy and sweet, it's time for my all-time favourite flavour- Chocolate!
Layers of chocolate sits on the caramel and topped with fine salt. This really brings chocolate tart up to the next level. 

Washing the tangerine and sweet favours with the mint tea is definitely a good choice. And topped with having such a pretty victorian teacup admidst the enjoyable ambience, makes the tea all the more delectible. 

All cleared as you can see. Their pastries really capture my tastebuds (:

Cladded in comfy wear, thankfully as it started to pour shortly after. Absolutely loving this new bag I got my hands on, spacious enough to contain all my nitty gritties!

Do try this cafe if you haven't! You will be glad you did (;

19 Lorong Kilat


Saturday, December 28, 2013

TDJ Blogger collaboration

Hello girls! Sorry for neglecting the space. Have been terribly busy lately but here's a post from the recent collaboration with Allison and The Dancing Jewels

In the limelight this time is the versatile and elegant Grey's Autonomy and diamontee studded Crystabelle

Here are some reindeer shots of the necklace :p Following a belated christmas celebration with the bf's friends (:

Here's a quick glimpse of how gorgeous Allison styled the jewels!

Kamsamida 6-16Oct'13- part 2

After jetting back to seoul, we heading to Everland

Absolutely drives me crazily in love, these beautiful bunches of tiny petals

Spot the big fat pumpkin that looks so evil. ROARS

With the 2 guys in my family <3

I really like how innovative and considerate Koreans are. Spot this adorable tiny pulley for visitors to hold their baggages as they immerse in the wonderland

Hanging bats with bulging eyeballs *eeks*

For once, I feel tiny! :D

Here's my fashionista bro. I am proud to say that he is one of the most fashionable (and vain *hehe) guys that I ever know (:

The food fair which we were given free food coupons by the tour guide to dine in. But the food wasn't any worth raving about in this space.

My super duper extremely excited dad who found himself a seat of this Safari bus which brings us around to view the roaming animals outside. Finally we got a place in the bus, which took us about 1.5 hours to queue. Don't be deceived by the seemingly short queue that peeks outside this Safari ride counter as you will only be welcomed with more portions of queueing when you enter the "house"

The whole bus went gaga when the bear made his farewell debut of waving to us and pulling his feet at the exit

Shots of random kids that are too cute to resist in the park. Why are they just soooo cute!

Capturing some bubbly effect shots for my guys, and a pity by the time its my time to be bubbled, people began spilling in from everywhere ):

Super cute kiddo! Who kept stealing glances at  me *blushes*

Spot the real one and the stuffed toy

And that's all for the everland animal shots

Finally some cosmetic shots, which means my favourite activity, shopping, yes!
We spent the night at Lotte world hotel which gives us ample time to shop at the duty free shop just smacked next to the hotel.

And so I replenished, and stocked up my cosmetics and skin care supplies. After hearing all the raves from Peiling's blog (owner of Agneselle) on top of not knowing what to get, I just got most of her recommendations.

I heaped on lots of Hera products from Lotte departmental store, thankfully, as I didn't spot this brand anywhere else, not even at the cosmetics street heaven;Myeongdong during my extended stay in Korean (on top of the tour in the following days)

For the final night of the tour, we were refunded money (10k won ~ 12SGD) to settle our dinner. And oh boy, was it good news to us! We engaged the help from the hotel's concierge to write the address in korean for us to facilitate travelling to our destination. And off we go to Apujeong! We just wandered aimlessly around the area and spotting a sign leading down the the basement for a Korean restaurant. And off we went. And I'm certainly glad we did(:

Starting off with some raspberry wine as my dad and brother can't take much alcohol

And this is where the real korean food feasting starts! You have no idea how much this means to us as the food provided by the tour was seriously not worth eating for 90% of the time and we had to head to the convenient stores to find alternatives. 

Oh boy, were we stuffed, of food that is! (: This is the first time our tummies felt so satisfied after stepping into Korea. The other 2 girls were from the tour, and after which they joined us for part of our extension in Korea.

And like all hell let loose, the feasting never stopped. After dinner, we walked further down and stepped foot into O Sulloc cafe, the first of many cafes that captured our hearts. And yes, there was a huge range of green tea selection.

Especially delectible was this green tea cheese cake. 

Finishing this post with the Cranberry scone from a cosy little bakery, Rolling Pin which we spotted some streets down. 

I'm not a fan of pastry, and I'm really picky to be honest, but this is really GOOD stuff! Managed to grab this last piece of scone at the display counter and I so totally regret not getting the other pastries ): This is seriously fabulous flour and which made the much raved after Paris Baguette pastries pale in comparison to this. 

This is the only few times I actually crave for.. flour

Disclaimer: this is for the following day's breakfast. I can't eat that much for the night :p

Coming back soon with Part 3!

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