Monday, April 30, 2012

best inventions

My aunt from malacca came over for a visit and we brought her to Bakerzin for high tea.

Did i mention to you how much I adore their cakes? I have no idea since when, but they are like the best inventions ever.

enough said. 

now I'm hungry

Sunday, April 29, 2012

my girls

A 2 weeks late photo with my girls (:

totally love playing with iphone app :p

All of us have pretty lashes!

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

kitty indulgence

credits: facebook

OMG.fainting from the cuteness of hello kitty deserts


A song for everyone

Everyone has a song,
a song that remind you of someone

There will be the song that makes you smile cos its your gf's fav song, the song that make your heart wrench cos it used to mean such precious memories.

But there is also a song, a song with such meaningful lyrics, sang with so much love, that it brings tears to you, and warmth to the heart

Saturday, April 14, 2012

Bizarre checkers


checkered shorts. orchard. wine red blazer.river island.golden flats. Random shop.leopard print clutch & turquoise gold watch.jonker walk

Took the photo when the bf was in the changing room trying on shirts.

Kudos to the bf for helping me take nice accessory shot

Something bizarre happened. My hp cover mysteriously evolved from the old-blue-and-white-polka-dotted-cover-that-threatens-to-fall-off-the-phone-every-second to a flower-with-polka-dots

and loads of love from the bf


 Dinner at sunset restaurant with him at east coast park.

I love being at the beach, especially when it is at night, with the sounds of the waves hitting against the rocks, under the windy breezy night sky


minus the annoying mozzie bites

Thursday, April 12, 2012

if I have a million wishes, i would wish for...

sequined-one piece.
one word: sexy

Vintage loving outfit. love those deep red roses contrasted with brown
And did i forget to mention the intricate headpiece?


sexy back and sleek hairdo

what every fashionista wants

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

minty 2-whats up doc

Old School Betty Boop. It looks kinda man. Unlike the sexy Betty Boop now adays with voluptuous bosum, tiny waist and sexy tighs. Its amazing how toys evolve over time to make it appeal more to the society

Snow white and her seven dwarves!
How absolutely adorable

  Childhood toys! I still remembered how I used to bug my dad to show me how to play with the wooden spining top which had to be wound up and spinned with the twine. And there's the traditional wooden handled skipping rope with blue and red speckles, colourful feathered chapteh. and FIVE STONES! I used to can't play five stones when I was young and would change the rules. hahha

Matchstick box vehicles

Everyone's favourite Donald and Bugs bunny!
I almost forgot the existence of bugs bunny. Haven't seen him for ages.
But I can't forget his catchy phrase: *nom nom nom* What's up doc!

Speaking of bugs bunny, it just hit me that I had a huge bugs bunny head soft toy when I was young. I think one of my cousins bought it for me. but i have no idea where it is now. hmmm

Pinochio and the trusty cricket! Nowadays I haven't been seeing pinochio around. If not because of the trip to the mint museum, I might have forgotten its existence.

All sorts of weird looking donald ducks. I still prefer the donald duck now. its cuter :p
oh and there's the professor duck on the right! I can't remember its name, but I like this toy. its quirky looking

Archie collectibles! I remembered how I used to be oh-so-excited when the bookstore has sales for Archie Comics and I would buy them home, thinking what a good deal I got myself. One book seem to cost around $5.95 for the thicker ones, and when there's sale, it's almost one for one. and obviously I would choose the pack that has 2 thicker comics if possible.


and that tumbler is so cute! Have never seen it before!

The childhood drink kickapoo. Didn't know that they have related toys too!
That sweet, gasey tasty soft drink that my dad used to love.

Lunch boxes! all my favourites! there's popeye, FLINTSTONES (omg, they are like practically extinct now. No more cartoons. I remember there's pebbles, and bam bam, and the dinosaur (:

And see that cute pigs from 3 little pigs in the lunchbox right at the bottom left?
I love childhood tales

I love all the lunchboxes. which is your favourite?

Thursday, April 05, 2012

brother's checkers

Checkered shirt & brown clutch. taiwan. heels. gold vintage watch. gifted. heart diamontee ring & heels. orchard

It's the last day of the week and that means dress down day!

Wore the shirt that my brother couldn't wear it any more. 
and I couldnt bear to let him donate this away.

I'm a lover of checks and brown buttons

The brown clutch i'm holding is the remains of the bag whose's strap got broken.

recycling is fun :p

Wednesday, April 04, 2012

unexplainable surge of happiness

Dinner after midnight on monday

My food after work at midnight ):

It's not easy earning money. haha.

I was pretty upset that day as I didn't anticipate to stay till last hours since I didn't anticipate the system to give me problems.

But he came to fetch me (:

Did work on his lappie while waiting for me at my office lobby, and fell asleep cos he was too tired and didnt have dinner too.

Then we went to have our little feast.


He came to pick me up this morning for work. With breakfast and hot soya milk.
More sleep for me since I had 2 late nights. yayys 

Finally I get to knock off at a decent timing today and we had fish&co seafood platter for one with sword fish collar.

I was too hungry, thus no photos of food. But there was this unexplainable surge of happiness as I chomped down my food. So hungry. Finished with a sinful portion of earl grey milk tea from gongcha

And I bumped into this 'long-lost' friend (:

Tmr is thursday and officially the last working day for the week!
cheers to gooooooood friday (:

*Putting on facemask on a mission to save the complexion after 2 days of 15hours work marathon*

Good night people!

Tuesday, April 03, 2012

if I have a million wishes, i would wish for...


#1 i-dont-know-the-name-of-this mould

Isn't this mould amazing!

If I could get my hands on this, I would fill the space with chocolates, mashmallows and macadamia nuts.
like a chocolate pudding in a brownie bowl

calories overlooooaaaadd

I would definitely buy it if I know where I can get something like this in singapore

#2 Vintage brown bag

okay actually it doesn't have to be a wish. cos I added it into my cart at taobao! :p
can't wait for it to comeeeee ((:

#3  Dreamy base wedges

Can you see those small fish scales design imprinted on those wedges.

Which colour would you pick? 

A: orange
B: white
C: blue

i would pick D, which is for wine red :p

They don't have that colour, that's why it has to be a wish