Tuesday, March 22, 2016

Bangkok 2015 18/9-24/9 Day 5 Street food, After you cafe, Genshiyaki

Finally penning down Day 5 of the trip, I'm so missing the Teppanyaki styled Phad Thai.
We didn't try the so called Phad Thai that is rated #1 in Bangkok by Tripadvisor as it seemed to be superrr out of way with the insanely long queue recommended by my friend.

We chanced upon this street stall while making our way from our hotel- Playhaus Thonglor to the BTS.

Wearing the new headtie from chatuchak. How to not wear new loots in Bangkok?(:

Crispy phad thai and oyster omelette. Yum yum, but so much oil!

They seemed to have also won a few awards as displayed in their eatery!

Check out the crispy skin!

Fast forward to teatime at After you cafe, which is always our must have destination for the Shibuya Honey toast and now up on my list, the milk tea.

It is more pricey than those from the street stalls, but it is less sweet, which is a refreshing change for me.

Not that ex, maybe like 100baht or so? But expensive as compared to those streetstyle kind of 20-25baht.

Oh drizzle, drizzle my honey.

Oh gosh, nothing in between for the whole day and its now shots for dinner. I think we seriously just eat and shop, and since there's nothing nice to shoot for shopping, here's to all the food photos.

What else better than to eat at Bangkok?

Dinner was at Genshiyaki restaurant which we first tried at our previous trip and we LOVE it!
This time we tried a different branch located at Sukhumvit 26 for a change as we thought it was nearer!

We cabbed there after shopping at Siam Paragon. Oh yes now I recalled. Bought lingerie at Wacoal Siam Paragon and it was so so affordable! Prices were approx 30% compared to that in Singapore. And we caught a couple of them filling up the baskets in Lingerie.

Abit overwhelming imho. But it is reallyyyyy comfy!
In case you would like to know, bras cost about 30SGD and undies from 10SGD

Sorry for the side track cos the schedule just flowed back. Back to food!

Bfie's beer.

And my sake. Sadly he hates, yes hates sake, but its ok, #letmefinishitmyself.

This kinda topped the bill to one of our most expensive meals here in Bangkok. This bottle of sake costed 20SGD (I think)? Selected the cheapest one, and it seemed reasonable to me, and we have already decided to splurge on this meal (: 

And SGD 20 for a bottle of sake seems reasonable, just that there are so much cheap and good street food around Thailand that it makes my sake seem so expensive.

Sashimi platter, oohhhh yess(:

The very charismatic and charming boss attended to us and asked if we have any preference for sashimis, and topped up our platter with some extras.

How nice of him! Absolutely loving Bangkok for their very friendly people! He's a Japanese and there's a short background of the shop's history in the menu (I think),I'm so sorry I can't remember the details, it has been 6 months since then ):

Fresh fish, charcoal grilled, One dish which is the store's signature which we had also ordered during our previous visit here.


YES! Missed this the previous round and I'm so glad we tried it this time! The fragrant smell of cheese enveloped us when we stepped into the restaurant.

And yes, this is also the restaurant's signature.

The charming and charismatic japanese boss.
He's a really nice and humble guy who patiently recommended us dishes and also sake for me cos I couldn't decide what to get.

Really awesome service.

Based on my observations, 

1. Cheese flakes are first scrapped off from the huge cheese tub.
2. Spaghetti is boiled till cooked, and while it is pipping hot, tossed, stirred and rolled onto the cheese flakes (inside the cheese tub) to absorb the flavour
3. After which it is placed in a pan while (milk and bacon added I think?)
4. And finished up on the hot plate.

OK, in short, this is damn good stuff.

It just tasted better and better after each bite.

It is definitely a must-try dish if you are here! And we are thinking of bringing our friends back to this restaurant for our next trip to Bangkok, which is another 3 months time!

*excited much*

(Because I delayed the completion of 2015 bangkok post till now, oops )

The bill totalled about SGD 80/100 for both of us, which was reasonable given the quality of food and service (:

Bfie is super satisfied with this restaurant too!

And the very very nice boss also helped to arrange a cab for us back to our hotel, and even ushered us to the taxi.

Definitely giving him a best service award. 
Thank you so so much for the hospitality (: