Monday, April 28, 2014

TDJ x Willabelle from Pale division

We have been preparing for this for some time, and we are now proud and super thrilled to be able to release this now!(: Our first collaboration with fashion icon Willabelle from Paledivision

Love how she effortlessly styles up this blushing piece for a peach goddess look(:
We can't wait for the upcoming more collaborations to come!

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Wednesday, April 23, 2014


Thank you for the beautiful roses(:
Throw back shots of these gorgeous petals a few weeks back, when I headed into a florist to hunt for flowers for my photoshoot. A pity I couldn't get what I wanted for the shoot, but the boy got me something


Sunday, April 06, 2014

Hongkong 21 Feb'14-24 Feb'14 Day 3 and 4

And yes, here we are at the much raved about and recommended cafe from my instagram friends and online!
None other than Mido cafe
(my account: @thedancingjewels or @yellowdaisypetals)

Reknown for it's sinful decadent toast of heavy maple syrup and butter, it is something which none of us can resist! All of us agreed how sinful it is but couldn't stop gobbling down those calories. I pretty much fancy their po lo bun but the bf thought that it was mediocre.

We also tried the spare-ribbed rice, but it wasn't too much to my liking.

Makes me drool to look at this photo now! The bill for a table of about 8 costed about 80SGD, which is about the same as our dim sum spread at Tim Ho Wan on Day 2 which makes me conclude that it is pretty pricey!

Next, we headed to fulfill our children's duties, to bring our parents to the Big buddha. To reach there, we had the option of travelling by bus or cable car. And of course the parents wanted to go via the cable car, especially the special 360degree glass cable ( pictures later on).

However, the queue was horrendous on that faithful sunday morning and we waiting about 1.5hours! Don't be deceived if you move up the escalator thinking it's gonna be your turn soon, cos the queue just winnndssss. soooo, for those keen on going, I would recommend that you all head to the attraction at about 2-3pm where the queue subsides, so that you save time from

1. Queuing to buy the cable car tickets there
2. Queuing to get onto the cable car
3. Queuing to get onto the cable car back.

Yes it's a massive lot of queuing! No joke, and it doesn't help that I was down with a tummyache and all that standing didn't alleviate matters. At the ideal time of 2-3pm of going there, you can also make it in time for the final cable car ride back at about 5/5.30pm

And yes, we are finally in the glass cabin, after say 2 hours!

Ma favourite guys and little me (:

nothing beats snugging with my daddykins <3

Hello, my boy(:

And here's my brother!Thank you for obliging to my nonsense and sitting onto the cold cabin floor so that I can snap a photo! Love you brother! It's funny how we fight like crazy cats when we were young, and now we are on such good terms ((:

The irony of wearing thick coats, keeps me warm but makes me look like a dumpling. So here's one for the vanity

My boy, so exciting over, i don't know what 

Probably one of the most decent candid shots worth keeping that my boy ever shot. All the other rest somehow gets deleted for making me look unglam, fat and etc etc etc. Guys (:

Wrapped in my new scarf and rose imprinted top from Prince Edward Plaza

My dad wanted to take a closer look at the big buddha, and so we paid the admin fee of about 35-40HKD to enter this so called mini tower. However, there were only scripts displays inside and there was no way to access to the Buddha. The only consolation is the ice cream and mineral water that we could redeem with the admission tickets right outside the entrance.

After heading down the hills, we roamed around and settled for dinner at Tsui Wah since it was also once of the recommended restaurants. 

The swiss style chicken wings. I would only award this a not-bad as somehow, perhaps I was expected something better

Spare ribs noodles which was one of the top 10 recommended by the restaurant. But honestly, this wasn't to my liking. The spare ribs were too sweet and there was nothing tasty about the sauce

Seafood hotplate crispy noodles which was just normal tasting to me

Wanton noodles and XO spare ribs fried rice which I didn't take a fancy to either. Maybe it is just a matter of taste and preference as there was a really long queue (mainly locals) when we left the restaurant

And that pretty much marks our night on Day 3

The finale breakfast before we headed back to SG on Day 4. We settled at a cafe near the hotel ( right outside Yau Ma Tei MRT), the same place that sells the curry fish balls that tugs my heart string

The HK styled chee cheong fan with what seems to be like sweet sauce and peanut butter

Century egg and pork porridge with tea set.
It seems to be the trend that most cafes have breakfast sets which are quite a good deal to offer.

And the luncheon meat noodles which we also see people eat in Hong kong drama.

And that marks the end of our hongkong trip!(:

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