Friday, July 31, 2015

Thursday, July 30, 2015

TDJ Captures: Threading on marbles

With the marble prints back up in the hype lately, it is irresistible to not curate these 2 crop cuts of marbles.

It effortlessly swirls it into glam with it's prints.

It was a go stylenanda with the Kateson skirt, one of the old pieces from TDJ's collection and undoubtedly my favourite piece with flats and a striped hat. Or tilt up in elegance with the Velvet cross heels and vintage box clutch bag.

I really do like the first look mixing in casuals and prints.

Top: In black and blue ( Upcoming)
Skirt: Kateson skirt ( old piece from TDJ)
Bag: Upcoming

What's your take?


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Wednesday, July 29, 2015

TDJ Captures, Noble black

As always, noble blacks have always been the knight in the wardrobe, whether it takes on your day on it's own, brave like a warrior, or if it has the assistance of the vibrant scarves that doubles up as headpieces or the trench coats for a elaborated touch.

And of course, with one of favourite vintage box clutch that is invading all my outfits because it can simply pair with anything.

Dress : Upcoming
Clutch: Upcoming

Alright, I'm levitating off for my model shoot.



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Monday, July 27, 2015

TDJ Captures:Lavender blushes

Blushes of lavender swirled with one of the unique upcoming cuts of the heels.
What's your take?

Shoes: upcoming

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Friday, July 24, 2015

Brown favourites- Yuen Fatt mooncakes

If you would have guessed, yes it's nearing the luminous period of the year, where we gather over lanterns and mooncakes. Okay, perhaps  the lanterns portion being a couple of years back.

Having this bi-annual backorder, the first this year being for our favourite public holiday- Chinese New Year, we know you can't wait for the 2nd, since we have already received enquiries on when orders can be placed(;

In the midst of the enticing battle of mooncake flavours amongst the top tiered restaurants, we like to trickle down to the 3 main traditional flavours.

Pandan, lotus and red bean, 
with the options of with/without yolk.

Each box comes with 3 pcs of mooncakes as seen above
Mooncakes are all handmade without preservatives and it is recommended to eat it within 1week.
But we know you love them so much that you can keep them in the freezer for up to 1 month. Just remember to toast it up for that shiok-ness.

We like ours heated up before tucking in.

We are sorry we have to recycle the photos from the past few preorders here and here as there simply isn't sufficient time for us to get extra boxes in for this year's shoot.

The traditional bakery-Yuen Fatt has been swarmed with orders and we are forced to bring forward the order and collection dates in order to ensure we get a box of the brown goodies.

Due to increasing demand, we can't guarantee that all orders will be fulfilled. 
But we will try our utmost best to fulfill your orders if payment has been made by Friday, 31July'15.

Collection of the mooncakes will be on Sunday, 13 Sept'15 at the below locations:
Woodlands, Ang Mo Kio and Bugis.
Timing will be further advised

In the event that we are unable to get our hands on the mooncakes, refunds will be processed accordingly.

For any enquiries, please email to

For orders, please fill in the order form here
Orders will be replied with payment details upon receiving.


Thursday, July 23, 2015

23/7 TDJ captures

Blacks -Checked
Prints- Checked
Culottes- Checked

In a fusion of the most wearable factors, this upcoming culottes has made it into our keepers list.
It's classic shade of black and printed flair makes it into the corporate arena. Flaunt your outfit tucked with a sleek white blazer, silver heels and red lippies.

On date nights, style it with oxfords and leathers with the Bardot Bucket bag.

Because we have a upcoming obsession with marbles this season, we are not leaving house without the classic shade of marble prints on our ears.

Jewelry: Marble baubles- Coming soon
Apparels: Linearity Culottes- Coming soon
Accessories: Bardot Bucket Bag

Decked in laces in our latest Kismet dress in black, this is definitely a keeper with its heart bustier cut out making it extra flattering.

We love how its nude inner lining creates a curtain of teaser.

And yes for those that have emailed us for backorders of the Shelia Cheongsam brocade II. Slots are now opened.

Don't miss the full list of backorders opened now in store!

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Tuesday, July 21, 2015

A weekend of rustic charm in Malacca

Because long weekends always warrants a valid reason for a short getaway stuffing my days in food. As per all my malacca trips, there was not a single moment of hunger (:

In the midst of all the eating, my cousin brought me to visit one of the largest Pasar Malam in Malacca around the Malim area. Most stores are all ready by 5.30pm and there are a splendor array of stalls, ranging from dried goods and raw fishes to cooked dishes for packing back.

Can't resist retreating into respites of the ice cooled sugar cane that is freshly squeezed on the spot, the old school charming way of dangling packets of chwee kuey. And the adorable uncle by the oyster egg store

There's even a portable oven, yes, you heard me right, located in the van where vendors sell their freshly baked pastries. And one of my favourite scenes of the night, glorious roasted ducks.

Despite the unbearable weather, it was certainly fun soaking up the old school charm emitting from this massive night market, which unfortunately has been largely commercialized in Singapore.