Sunday, August 30, 2015

TDJ x Cream and Custard

A gem located at Tiong Bahru vicinity, sits this cosy little cafe that prides itself in creating and baking delicious treats.

Oops you got me!

As we reached there early in the morning, not all the bakes have been completed, but you get the drift of all the pretty little things don't you?

Can we just have calories switched off for the day and indulge in these delicious array of sweets?


Opened by a sibling team, Melissa and Wesley Hoe, thank you for having us. It was a joy shooting at your quaint little cafe. Coming to two months old, this little cafe may be small, but it's desserts are bound to keep you coming for more.

  We had to reward us and our tummies with some of these sweet bakes didn't we. I had to hold back my greedy dessert monster as the girls P and V are tiny eaters (:
We couldn't resist the new creation by Melissa. This chocolate bomb melts down to showcase hidden crunches and passionfruit cream inside.

This goodness if you are wondering, is called Black Ball.
You have to watch the video here

Too rich, too good.

A little story behind this, three years back, Melissa was in London and was impressed by this dessert served at Gordon Ramsay's Restaurant. Now, in her own kitchen creating new cakes for her very own cafe, she serves this dessert inspired by Gordon Ramsay and team.

We can't wait for Melissa to travel again, don't you? (:

Thanks P and V, my angels for helping me(:

Cosmetics sponsor:

HKC Plaza
Read more on the cosmetics sponsored here
We are also giving away their sample packs for every $50 spent!

Enjoy 10% off with the code <TDJ>

Cafe credits:

Cream and Custard
46 Jalan Bukit Ho Swee
Singapore S(160046)
Opening hours: 11am-9pm except Sundays
+65 91118696
10 minutes walk from Tiong Bahru

Psst, you have to follow their facebook and instagram to get visual kicks of those pretty desserts! Plus they have fresh creations updated there.
We promise you will love this place (:

Apparels shot in this cafe will be coming up tonight 30/8 at 8PM!

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TDJ x HKC plaza (Giveaway)

In a most recent acquire of Korean cosmetics, this angels have really been a blessing to me.
Thank you HKC Plaza for the generous sponsorship of these cosmetics for The Dancing Jewel's shoot.

HKC Plaza manages 38 brands with more than 6000 products, transcending from professional skin aesthetics to back-end clinic salon usage packages.

First up is one of it's most popular range, Lee Jiham's  Vital CC cream.

This magical cream is an all-in-one multi cream with

-Vitamin C essence

This natural blemish cream contains 800x more vitamin C than apples and provides brightening effects. Apart from the Acacia collagen, it also has whitening and wrinkle diminishing properties.

In the past, I always get tempted to skip the makeup removal step at the end of the day as my Biore make up wipe would always appear "clean". But upon using LJH's vital cc cream, my biore make up wipes are now fully worked out. It cleans off the cc cream that has been adhering to my face, which further proves that this cc cream provides ample coverage for me.

This formula is the brainchild of more than 20 years of research in LeeJiHam Science Research Dermatological laboratory.

Another special property that distinguishes LJH vital cc cream from the other brands is that it contains Centella Asiatica which has great scar treatment properties!

Top up the CC cream for the final coverage with the Lee Jiham sun pact of SPF 50++ PA+++

This Sun pact is new in the market and will be launching up in their stores next week!

Another one of my favourite products has to be their Real Life Innate line eyebrow pencil.

With the dark brown shade and angular pencil, this baby glides over the brows effortletless and easily creates a natural look, as if the eyebrows has been tattooed on.

While I was still in corporate last year, my colleagues often said my brows were too light and I should have them tattooed. Of course been fearful of pain, I simply refused to do so. I've tried other brands of eyebrow pencils and thought it didn't make much difference to my brows.

This only changed when I was given the chance to try out the Real life eyebrow pencil.
It really makes a difference. Photos as below, enough said (:

And now, I can't leave my house without having my brows drawn.


At the party vivid line pen eyeliner, this has to be the sleekest and slimmest eye liner brush that I've seen. Can't help but be reminded of those elegant calligraphy brushes.
With it's thin and elastic fine brush tip, this brush fills up the delicate portions between the eyelashes and eyelids, which often poses a problem when the eyeliner is too thick and you end up getting blacks even on the inner eyelids.

 Another of my must-haves has to be the At the party Long & Perm mascara.
I have always been envious of girls who have natural long lashes, or even those who can have eyelash extensions or falsies on for the whole day! It certainly weighs down on me and I usually can't have falsies for more than a night.
Spot the tiny bristles even on the inner portion of the brush? The design cleverly allows you to elongate the lash tips while working on the inner lashes with it's round circular front.
And the best part is, it removes easily until warm water! I've always dreaded applying mascara on because it clamps up so much and takes me soo soo long to remove it after the end of the night.
This is definitely a saver, not forgetting that the bf doesn't like me with falsies as they are too fake! I think this pass the mark!
Now I can flutter my lashes without being weighed down (:

And yes, now for the lippie lovers, these are my 2 favourite shades out from their massive collection.

These One Touch Lip Glow lipstick has to be favourites. I've always been a fan of stylenanda after my Korea trip and I simply can't lay my hands off a bright orange lipstick.

But there's always the pain that they get faded so easily and I'll have to reapply them now and then.
I have to admit that I'm honestly impressed by the adhesive power of this range of lipsticks, especially the bright orange #11 Miss Solar which creates a deep enough contrast for my lips.

It has a smooth contrasting effect for those with tanned complexion which makes me love it awfully(:

On days for easier matching of outfits, I would opt for the #3 Strawberry shade which gives the lip a demure elegant touch, playing with nudes and blushes.

Should the One Touch Lip Glow not be enough, don't miss their exclusive Some Lip Tattoo!
No more worries for long days or party nights. With these lip tattoos, your lip colour will still be in the perfect state even after eating or drinking.

No smudge, no worries(:

Awesome isn't it?

With Christmas and Thanksgiving in just a few more months, I'm sure these lipsticks and lip tattoo will be a hit! Try it and you will know why (:

For TDJ shoppers, HKC has very kindly sponsored us these Vital CC cream and Vita Propolis ampoules and cream sample packs.

The Vita Propolis ampoule is so special as it uses the best quality pure porpolis extract and 3 kinds of vitamins all concentrated into one formula.

Spend a minimum of $50 at The Dancing Jewels to get both sample packs!

HKC Plaza

Also, shop now and get 10% off with the discount code:


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Friday, August 28, 2015

Things I do on my day off

During one of those days when I got sick of eating outside food and wanted a break from rice and noodles, baking chicken has been an easy way out. To avoid the overload of potatoes for the day, since I couldn't resist but popped a curry puff during teabreak, it was a great idea to cook up dinner with the remaining apples.
Tossed apples with cinnamon, nutmeg and garlic, before placing a chicken thigh marinated with salted on top for baking, it's an dinner-ready situation.
Decided to stuff the rest of the ingredients into the coconut for baking as it took me 30mins to hack it open to get the juice and flesh. Thank goodness my fingers are still intact (:
Ended off the night baking famous-amos style chocolate chip cookies.
Attempted some variation ad wrapped leftover mashmallows with the chocolate chip dough, resulting in heavily deflated cookies, with the ugly "portmaks" from the melts.
How do you spend your offdays?

Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Summerfield in blush and snow whites


In an intricate game of elastane blend, meshes and petals embroidery, this delicate show down of blushes and snow whites make it a tough match to determine the winner.

While the pale blush is a soft mix of pale roses with a tad of glimmer from it's fabric, it's competitor boasts itself for it's innocence in white purity.

Which would you pick?

Full game details coming up 26/8 Wednesday 8PM

Be there, or be meshed.

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Caressing whites

Those were the days of the Girl guides xx years ago when we had to cross canals and hike among the greens, and it seems that now I'm teleported back to those days for the shoot.

In a soft mix of whites and strawberry pinks, the fully mesh cladded midi strikes on its own as a statement piece, with sections of linear overlays forming the entire masterpiece.

With such a white canvas to style with, it is with natural sense that a pastel pink lipstick was picked.
Named as #03 Strawberry pink, the sleek lipstick glides over to give a smooth colour on the lips.

More details on the lipstick coming up.

Do stay tuned(:

Dress: Caressa white midi (coming up)

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