Thursday, November 01, 2012

Mustard florals and love

A backdated post(13 Oct'12) Outfit for le bf's gathering

Floral tube.random.mustard high feathered necklace and turquoise jewel necklace.Orchard and handmade. gold vintage watch. gifted. prada bag.nude pumps.random

Picking on my buttons cos one of them dropped ):

We dined at Asian teahouse, Bugis+

Loved the lu rou mian (braised pork noodles)! This dish seems to be available only at certain branches of Asian Teahouse and lucky me got to try it at the Bugis+ branch (:

Not to mention, we ordered the house speciality, roasted duck. yumms.
and shared a cup of milk tea (without the "bubbles")

have got to cut down on those calories and sugar yo.

Went to chill with le bf's friends after dinner at Hood (also at Bugis +).
I must say its a pretty good place.Love the band. And bf's friend managed to reserve seats for us with the doob bean bags as he kinda knows one of the band players (can't remember the band offhand)


Le bf being arrowed up on stage as it was one day before my birthday. oops.
And he had to sing the old mac donald had a (animal), and he had to make the sound.



And then he sabo-ed me on stage to sing the animal sounds with him.
oops. both of us looked silly together.

And that's my boy, getting overly high after he was made to finish the bottle of red wine. And he was singing aloud to me  ( masked by the music of the band and pub), with open arms :p

super cute 

and his friends were laughing at us ;p


A few camwhore shots before I tuck into my blanket
 good night!