Monday, April 26, 2010


I caught KickAss yesterday!
Super funny show! but its abit too vulgar for my liking.
but its also the language that makes it kind of amusing.

I love Hitgirl!

she's SOOOO cool. she's got the guts man!

The best part apart from the movie, is that the counter girl thought that I wasn't 18 yet.WHEEE!

When we bought the tickets, she asked my age. and initially I was quite offended, like why so meannnn, ask for my age.
then after that she asked if I have my IC with me,and I gotta show the person if they want to check my age.

wahhahaha.turns out KickAss is M18.
wheeee. and that makes me sweet SIXTEEN ((:

I'm a happy girl!

this is gonna make me happy for the whole of this week.lalalla

and guess what, the rooftop of orchard central is actually accessible!
a pretty awesome view if it was at night with many pretty twinkling stars (:

Filled my hungry stomach with porridge and yummy yummy durian ccf from kilinny road.
so cute. guess what's ccf

its chee cheong fun ((: