Tuesday, April 07, 2015

Taiwan: 10-18 Oct'14 8D7N in the land of bubble tea land Day 7

As like most mornings, I like to start off the day with breakfast that warms up the tummy. So it was decided that it will be fritters and soya bean near our hostel to start off the day.

It's really awesome that our hostel gave us a map with all the popular eateries marked out and we found our destination in a short while.

It was mad crowded and self service is expected where you help yourself to the menus to decide what to order upon getting a queue 'number', which in this case they have opted for oversized cards.

Be patient and wait for your seats to be allocated after your card number has been hollered upon. 
Do not, do not go to an empty table that you sighted as you would be asked to stand aside.

The eatery was really really small and be expected to squeeze and have insufficient space for breakfast. We thought that the food was mediocre and it seems overly rated, perhaps due to the hype sprouted from JJ Lim's popular song. Can't help it, but here goes:

我知道 你和我 就像是豆漿油條
要一起 吃下去 味道才會是最好
你需要我的傻笑 我需要你的擁抱

Extremely accessible via the metro, alight at Tam Shui station and head on foot to what was originally home to Formosan indigenous peoples.

Irresistibly adorable confectionery cakes!
I wish I could cuddle them already!

Inhale the old architecture and streets of the Tam Sui Old street and waterfront, also known as 淡水老街. This pedestrian shopping area is lined with shops offering tourists an
 array of finger food and merchandises for keepsakes.

But you will soon realise that most of the stores sell repeated items.

We, or maybe I got hooked on to what seems like a Museum of the Strangest creatures. It probably was one of the most interesting looking store along the street

At 89NTD per person, approx 4SGD, you get to view the exhibits (234 of them, though not all are interesting imho). And you are free to fire away your camera, so why not?

Do not scroll down if you want to check out the musuem yourself as those snaps below would probably be the most interesting exhibits.

Spoilers ahead

Long neck turtle. 
It was tough trying to capture a good snap, but check out the reflection to have a clearer visual on how long the neck is.

And the latest trend this season. Yep, it's real.
And no extra charges to get a snap with this

Double trouble 

Dad having fun entertaining himself. Thankfully this is not made of flesh and skin.

How many legs can you spot?
Seven to be precise

Four legged rooster

Headed out of the musuem to the other side of the street and you can bask yourself in those childhood games starting from NTD50/ SGD 2+

This must have been the best sugar cane drink I've ever tasted.
Absolutely pure and refreshing, so good that we came back for a second serving.

We changed our plans and skipped the visiting of the Fisherman's Wharf which is a boat ride away as the guys seemed to be getting bored.

We got lost on the way heading back to the MTR and stumbled upon freshly baked cakes

As a typical foodie, we can't ditch the long queue means good food concept

It's so easy to be lost just watching how deftly he works his way around the cakes so well, flipping them and cutting them to precision. 

It's pure therapy.

Beautifully cracked

Left is with cheese, and right is without. Having queue-ed for a good 30mins at least, of course we had to get one of each!

NTD130/SGD5.65  for one slab with cheese
NTD90/3.90 for one slab without cheese

Can't resist not doing a GIF for dad's expression.
The cake is soft and fluffy, with the taste not too overwhelming.

Probably one of the largest night market in Taipei, we couldn't miss it now that we are here.
Hop on to metro towards Jiantan station 劍潭 , not Shilin.

Head to exit one and follow the crowd to Shilin night market.

Situated right outside a temple, this little store was an answer to my prayers when my tummy was just craving badly for Ah Zong mee sua.

Right across the temple gate was another of my favourite Taiwan delicacy.

 大肠包小肠,unlike the literal translation of small intestine wrapped in big intestine, is actually taiwanese sausage wrapped in sticky glutinous rice. We love it when it is topped with salted vegetable, adding that extra crunch to the chargrilled flavour.

Pig ears biscuits, 猪耳朵 larger than my palm

After dinner and melting from the hot weather, we got ourselves a cup of frogs eggs. 青蛙下蛋 to quench the thirst.

No, not frog eggs literally. This thirst quencher got its name from the cooled tapioca pearls resembling that of the frog eggs. We chose the lime flavoured one which turned out to be 

Succulent and crispy. this is probably one of the best chicken cutlets we have eaten during our trip. 
It is also available at Ximending and even in Singapore, Ion basement should you miss it here.

And that was the end of our Day 6.