Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Didn't had time to post my new hair cut until i was suffering from serious food allergy yesterday ):
tried this new type of canned abalone, its called Limpets. And immediately broke into severe pain and itch.
Went to the doctor who wanted to give me pills, but diagnosed that my condition was serious and decided to give me a jab on the butt.

but apparently it wasn't strong enough so she gave me another jab on the arm. and it still hurts!
i thought it was better. But as soon as i stepped out of the clinic, i started to have difficulties breathing, couldnt walk and i was shivering all over ):

Papa decided that I had to go to the hospital, and so I went, but i refused to take the ambulance. Thankfully there was a new hospital in the north area and i reached there in about 10 mins. If i had to go to SGH, i'll prolly faint.

My brother put me on the wheelchair cos i really couldn't walk anymore. He later pushed me into this room where there was beds and doctors and nurses and machines. I was shivering badly and couldn't breathe properly. The doctor gave me a jab in the end to flush out the allergy thingy. and the side effects of that drug made me had this never-ending headache and i kept tossing and turning on the bed cos it was really very uncomfortable. 

My condition seemed to be improving but my blood pressure was too low. So the doctor put me on the drip and she said if I finished the drip I could leave. but apparently after one drip my blood pressure was still too low,( i think it was 103/52) so I had to be put on another drip. 

there was this period of time i tossed so much blood started flowing out in the tube, instead of the liquid flowing into my body. then i just stared at the bloody tube, trying to figure out how to get the blood back into the body. then suddenly the machine which measures my heartbeat and blood pressure started beeping really loudly, and i tilted my head to look at it. the blood pressure fell to (90+/43). I was so freaked out, cos the normal levels should be approx(120/80). Luckily it was cos of my tossing and turning that the wrap around my arm came loose. phew. if after one packet of drip and my blood pressure dipped even lower, i'm a goner.

I was kept for observation for like 5 hours, and my last meal was my lunch ): Kinda got out of the clinic at 3plus am. before i left, there was this new patient who walked in the area. He's like super cool. he just pointed that he wanted the bed and not the armchair. He pushed up his long sleeve shirt, and shirt: I have allergy, rashes, and pointed to his hand. then the nurse gave him some medicine and jab, he played with his phone for a while, and went to sleep. so calm. so peaceful. so cool.

and me,on the bed next to him, was in a mess. Couldn't walk, difficulty in breathing, crying from the pain from the jabs. yes i hate and i'm really scared of injections. and the doctor had to wipe my tears away. couldn't move a bit or care how messy my hair looked. With a tube pricked into my hand.

That guy is cool.