Saturday, June 11, 2011

hong kong day 1

hee! our first day to our 7D6N Hong Kong trip!

my brother and i's ginomous eye bags before the early morning flight to HK!
i think it was like 7plus am when we took this photo

pops and brother

random  buildings in hongkong!
they really look like the buildings in chinatown, singapore

The owners sure get to save alot of money by just painting on walls and not having bill boards for advertisements

dad's to-be favourite place when we go shopping =p

super cute heart shaped ba gwa!

thats all for today! the turbulence during the flight created a turbulence in my head, resulting in bad headaches! and thus very photos so far! Shall go to sleep nw and get enough rest before the early half day tour at 7.15am! gahh!

goodnight! (;