Thursday, August 09, 2012

One day Desaru trip

fourth august, twenty twelve

Yayys, 四弯岛 , here we come!(:

Just hop on a bum boat at Changi Jetty for 12 SGD, or top up 2 SGD, like what we did to enjoy the air-con and hide from the heat of the sun . But you also have a chance to feel the cool winds when the bum boat glides on the water towards the little island.

Love how the wind felt against my face. But be careful to grab the railings if you are standing out on the open as the water can be a lil choppy. You won't want to start your short trip with a wet outfit (;

There is no fixed schedule for the bum boats. We were lucky to have a full strength of 12 to get the bum boat going. Apparently, return trips are arranged with the bum boat uncle and the payment is made after the trip is completed.

J also arranged to have 3 cabs to drive us around for the day at 160RM per cab that can seat four passengers. Quite reasonable as it boils down to approx 16 SGD per day per head

First stop was breakfast!(:

Bf's colleague, J brought us to enjoy the famous Bak Kut Teh in 四弯岛.
Apparently, just tell the taxi uncle you want to eat Bak Kut Teh and he will bring you to this coffee place.

On top of the bkt, we still ordered soya sauce chicken, and pig trotters. The aunty said she will give us trotters that were less fatty, but they were still very fatty to me.

I would just say, go for the bkt (:

I like it that the soup wasn't too spicy or have too much of the herbs.

All full and satisfied

And that's Cali, my bf's part time gf. *pouts*
But isn't she absolutely lovable. I love the 1st pic of them together. So happy and natural.
Apparently I couldn't make it for the previous trip and both of them had so much fun. In fact I think I saw her  quite disappointed when le bf appeared at the jetty with me.

I saw her skipping in circles from the far, being absolutely excited. But when I appeared from behind, her face fell. 


that was the first time we met

Second stop: Desaru Fruit Farm

It's feeding time at Desaru for these ducks/geeses.
Check out the fat cat lazing in the middle of the birds

Floral top/tunic, bugis, shorts random. Shades. ray bans

See that yellow patch? It's actually a mozzie patch from 3M. And i think it works like magic. No mozzie bites for me (:

It's amazing the kinda things that are invented now eh (; All of us have a yellow sticker patch (or 2) on us. Really looked like a tour group

Waiting for durians to drop.

Guess what's in that big backpack?
Le bf cooked barley for the trip. Cali had a small bottle too.

Bf said that Cali recently nose bled cos she was too heaty, and so she should drink some barley.

He really dotes on the lil gf (: 

We opted for the tour package at Desaru for 20RM that gave us a tour guide to bring us around the fruit farm, and telling us some facts about the different plants/trees/fruits.



Spotted Cali hiding under the trees due to the sweltering heat. Her cheeks were all flushed from the sun and she asked me to join her under the shade

So I grabbed her for some camwhoring shots.

This lil gf can really camwhore. check out her expressions! I concede defeat,

And then it was the mini zoo (:

My favourite part of the Desaru trip actually. There were monkeys, turkeys, one ostrich, python, hamsters, rabbits and goats. Even a rooster which perched on a bird stand

A pity we were only allocated like 10 minutes for it.

The trip finished with some bee eduation in an air-con room

We had lunch at J's uncle's restaurant.

Oh what a spread. We had baby kai lan, claypot with egg (that was really good), deep fried crayfish (love the crispy crunch), toufu, chicken, fish with spicy sauce and salted egg crabs!

I liked how they steamed the fish for just the right duration as garoupa's tend to be oversteamed, even at 5-star hotels. But I was pretty disappointed with the crabs as the sauce wasn't superb and the crabs was pretty small.

For a pax of 12 including little Cali, this meal only set us back 37RM each.
Don't know if it is the special rates that J got us, but it was realllyyyy cheap! 

It was a pity this was also our last stop due to the rain. We initially planned to go to the ostrich farm but couldn't make it as we booked the bum boat uncle to fetch us back at 5pm

Cali's mum took this for us (:
He is one lucky man isn't he
2 pretty girls in his arms (;

 But nevertheless, it was a fun short trip

till then