Tuesday, January 01, 2013

The last day of twenty twelve

Hello! It was the last day of 2013 and unfortunately I had to still work till 7.30pm.boos.but this gave the bf a chance to wait for me and pick me up (:

We had dinner at Jerry's Bar and grill Jalan Kayu brunch but the standards paled in comparison to the one at Ann Siang hill

To start off with the starters, pumpkin soup, it tasted more like potato and mushroom.
The chicken wings doesn't taste as crispy as the one at Ann Siang hill and I think the turkey I baked for Christmas dinner tasted wayyyyyy better then the ones they served here.  I marinated the turkey overnight with minced pork stuffing, rosemary, salt, pepper, nutmug, bacon and rinsed the turkey every 30mins with the chicken stock to keep it soft and tender under the aluminium foil in the oven. hehe let me brag abit ;p

See the christmas storm le bf and I cooked up last week!

Last year he brought me to see the fireworks. This year we went together (:
I'm glad we were early this year and managed to snag a good spot for the fireworks near Gardens by the bay. It was nice waiting for the fireworks with the breeze and cool air (:

Thanks love for the wonderful year!

Jerry's Bars and Grill
277 Jalan Kayu  Singapore 799505
6484 0151