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Bangkok 13-18May'14, Day 3

We slept, or attempted to sleep early yesterday night so that we could make a trip down to the wholesale market at Chinatown. My friend recommended that we try that as it seems to be only available in the wee hours. Well, it's always nice to experience something new, so why not!

So, we woke up at about 4.30am and cabbed to Chinatown. Initially we were pretty skeptical on whether there was such a morning wholesale market in Chinatown as I couldn't get any results online. Thankfully, the driver did understand Chinatown wholesale market. The cab dropped us off along the random streets and we just headed towards where the shops were

It's morning, and it's time for breakfast. A pity it wasn't as good as the butterfly x kaya combination we tried during our previous trip.

We managed to waddle our way into the accessories section. The wholesale market is pretty much segmented into the types of goods they sell. So fret not if it seems at first glance that it may not be what you want to purchase. Just enjoy walking around and taking in as much native ambience as you can(:

At about 6am, the makeshift stalls were already packing up their goods and stands, clearing to make space for the stores to start their business. Perhaps these stalls are not charged any rental, and thus all gather to try to sell their merchandise before the 'official' stores starts operating

If you need to bring dried food back, this is definitely one stop not to be missed. Else, if you are on a tight schedule, you can strike off this from your to-do list. Our trip had 6D5N to spend, and thus we have some time to explore around(;

Checking out directions to our new hotel, Berkeley Pratunam, the other hotel which we will be checking in after Centara Watergate (read about the review here and here). Berkeley hotel is actually located a 5-10 minutes walk from Centara, alongside the same stretch of the road.

Back to our hotel for the complimentary breakfast. But I do prefer the breakfast from the day before. After breakfast, we checked out of Centara Watergate and headed to our next hotel. We actually felt guilty leaving with our luggages. The hotel staff at the entrance saw us leaving and asked if we were heading to the airport. He offered to book a cab for us which we had to turn down and explain to him we are heading to another hotel.

He looked so upset upon hearing that and asked us: "Why? You don't like Centara?"
Our hearts totally shattered upon hearing that. We have never met any staff so committed and concerned about the guest's experience at the hotel. And it's really heart warming to be on the receiving end(:

We wished so much that we could cancel the next booking to head back into the hotel.

Thank you Centara Watergate for such a pleasant stay(:

We were mind blown by these gorgeous gold victorian settings and magnificent cascading chandelier.
We were so thrilled to be able to check in.

We booked the North Tower (not the Main), as it was on a better deal on Agoda.
For those of you who booked the North Tower, do remember to go to Floor 11 and cross the walk way to the right wing

Before you reach the bridge, there's a little cosy Internet Corner should you need the facilities. But it gets quite warm there as the corner is pretty quiet and I guess the air conditioning is not switched on to full capacity.

Through the warm connecting walk way

And here's the lobby of the North Tower. Definitely not as impressive as the main lobby, as justified by the room rates, but it was quite disheartening to find the lobby lacking of receptionist/staff, and not to mention, insufficient air conditioning. Well at the very least they still provided avenues to contact them should the guests require assistance.

I definitely am prepared for the North Tower to be not as grand as the Main Tower, but I certainly didn't expect the huge disparity, and the lack of receptionist. It just doesn't feel that welcoming to stay. But things should improve in the future when occupancy rates improve and both towers have sufficient guest stays to warrant the aircon and receptionist(:

Didn't really like the dim yellow lights of the corridor

Our room supposedly for the next 3 nights

need abit of imagination here

The layout of the room was pretty weird, as the  bed was facing the room door, TV was facing the toilet, not the bed. If we wanted to watch TV, we have to tilt the TV and watch the programmes slanted. Not very conducive. 

We were really disappointed with the toilet as Berkeley Hotel was supposed to be new, but there were so many noticable toilet stains. You can spot them between the sections used to put toiletries,  on the walls, near the floor edges as seen above.

It really crushed our expectations as compared to when we first stepped into the hotel ):

And the table desk was in a dark corner facing the wall. Hmm, the layout could be better improved

They do also have a safe in the wardrobe should you need one. A fast foward of the hotel review to the night, we were not very amused/impressed when we tried to call the room service to request for a bottle opener. We were manually diverted to the Kitchen department as the lobby staff said it was another section.

Not impressed at all, since we are the guests, shouldn't you guys be the ones coordinately among yourselves? And the staff who brought up the bottle opener couldn't bear to leave it with us, as he curtly reminded us to use it now if we want, as it was the only bottle opener in the whole hotel.

Wow, I didn't know that bottle openers were so costly there. Should have bought one and donated to the hotel.

We did abit of exploration which I shall not elaborate as it was kind of a wrong move ( with wrong directions :p ) and there was nothing worth to go the extra mile for. 

And weather is really hooooot, check out my melting tattoo

But we did end the day with a restaurant that we wanted to check out(:

Genshiyaki means, "primitive style of charcoal grilling" in Japanese. This is evident by the large, square sand pit grills with piles of glowing charcoal adjacent to the central sushi bar. Skewers of fresh fish are slowly roasted around these stacks of glowing charcoal. 

Sip a cup of sake while waiting for your fish to be roasted.

There's a delectible selection of sakes for your selection to go for the mains. And check out the promotion they chalk out on the board(: Really love this cosy interior peppered with small palm trees and bamboo

We love how they serve the guests with warm towels to freshen up

We picked the sashimi salad, which had a spread of cold cuts, but the dressing wasn't to my liking, and I won't recommend this. I prefer Singapore's Sushi Tei Sashimi salad anytime (:

Butter baked and soy sauce scallops which were on promotion, at 39baht per piece.
For scallop lovers, do note that they have a limit on the number of pieces (max 6 per person)  you can order at the promotional price of 39baht/pc

And how can we miss the charcoal grilled fish? The flesh was tender and juicy, unlike most of the grilled fish dishes around that have it's interior too dry. It should be the way that the raw cuts are roasted such that the juice can be maintained. However, the boy didn't find this special, but he was blown away for the next dish, as well as yours truly(:

Glorious succulent king crabs

This, is a must have! We ended up with the most expensive crab (i think), at a very affordable price of 750baht ~ 30+ SGD

And with the quality of the crabs they serve, this is worth 


Check out how big and succulent it is! And the flesh, is absolutely sweet and juicy. This baby definitely beats all the crabs served at those hotel buffets in Singapore, hands down.
Don't waste your calories and stomach space eating those crabs.
This, is what you should be saving your tummies for.


I actually ate until I was sucking up the juice, can you imagine? 
I am definitely reminiscing that.

And with all the satisfied tummy, we will definitely make a special trip back down just for the crabs if we are back in Bangkok.

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25 Soi Sukhumvit 31 
Klongton-nua, Wattana, Bangkok, Thailand 10100
Mon - Sun: 5:00 pm - 1:00 am

After dinner, we headed back to Siam night market for some shopping ( thought I didn't get anything). We just enjoy checking out all the night markets. That's part of what going to Bangkok is (;

But, I found a new way to select your bottoms without trying. 
I thought it was absolutely brilliant that the boy selected his shorts based on the length of the belt marking that he currently wears. He made a mark on the current belt size that fits him, and puts it through the new piece to check the size.

*Still totally amused*
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