Monday, July 06, 2009

I've bought a new hamster pebbles to accompany mee mee. but they dont get along well ):
they fight, and I gotta separate them.

i thought mee mee will be lonely without moo moo. no friend to snuggle with ):
but it doesnt like pebbles. maybe cos pebbles a guy and mee mee's a girl.

now they are separated, and i'm thinking if i should be pebbles a seems lonely too.always looking at me with its cute big eyes.

i met gf today (:

was in a horrible,irritable cranky mood the whole day and was trying hard to restrain.until i had a first bite of yoguru's yoghurt with almond nuts.

omg.bliss. i feel sooo happy.the peach flavour of the yoguru's yoghurt has a smashing sensation with the almond nuts.

loves loves (:

makes my day.

i dont need anyone to cheer me up (: