Tuesday, July 14, 2009

for all girls, do be careful when you go home

i got stalked by a guy today. red shirt.golden hair.i was so traumatised.
i was walking home from the mrt, cutting through the HDB blocks and it was just abt 10.30pm.
like what i usually do.

he was walking towards the mrt station and i was walking away from it and he saw me.and he kept staring.really like from top to bottom and i was v uncomfortable with it.so after walking passed,i turned back and chk again. and he also turned back. and kept staring!

he even stopped and stared. really stop and stare.
i was so freaked out i fasten my pace. and kept turning behind to chk.

i dashed across the road and chked after crossing and i saw him walking in big strides after me from across the road. he even squatted down to look through the bus stop to see where i was.

that was the max i could take.i was like practically hyperventilating and called my dad.my hands were like trembling. i had to pass one portion of the garden before i could make it to the coffee shop.

and i saw him standing at the pavillion when he caught me turning. he wore this bright red shirt.i couldnt have got the wrong person.

luckily my dad rushed down.i was so traumatised.

i must learn some self defence stuff and get police alarm,pepper spray or sth.