Tuesday, November 09, 2010

For the love of bags

I'm a sucker for bags. I admit. and for the record, I haven't bought a new bag since I bought a red luggage bag from Switzerland's flea market and a classic black Prada bag when I was in Florence.(excluding the tote bag which was part of the shopping deal in Australia and the little black bagpack I thrifted)

For 5 months, I didn't see any bags which capture my heart, until one day, during retail therapy. This lovely grey and mustard coloured bag caught my eye. So vintage yet so glamorous. Its simply a must-have, and having my bestie sponsor half the bag for my birthday present, make the temptation to get it even more irresistable

My love is for bags. What is your love for?

*psst* I'm a sick patient, which explains why I have time to do a little update here. Was running a fever in a room of 29degrees while feeling cold yesterday at work. plus a little cough, sorethroat and flu. That should be all. I should grab some rest while I can before I commence work tmr!