Sunday, April 03, 2011

chirpy chirpy days to comeee

I'm gonna make myself look forward to go to work from tomorrow onwards.

Not that the job is great. Actually, its far from it. Its pretty much a bad job, and I think i should be working till past midnights, with my saturdays burnt ): I hope they leave my precious little sunday alone!

To look forward to go to work, means that I would clear one day off that one month duration on the job, and also means one day nearer to my approved leave, which is just after that job!

Some amazing photos to brighten up and chase away monday blues:

I love these amazing colours. they make me so happy!

a bottle of wishes (:

amazing nails

a rainbow in an oreo

awesome heels to die from

Alright! its time for me to hit the pillows (: good night!