Tuesday, April 03, 2012

if I have a million wishes, i would wish for...


#1 i-dont-know-the-name-of-this mould

Isn't this mould amazing!

If I could get my hands on this, I would fill the space with chocolates, mashmallows and macadamia nuts.
like a chocolate pudding in a brownie bowl

calories overlooooaaaadd

I would definitely buy it if I know where I can get something like this in singapore

#2 Vintage brown bag

okay actually it doesn't have to be a wish. cos I added it into my cart at taobao! :p
can't wait for it to comeeeee ((:

#3  Dreamy base wedges

Can you see those small fish scales design imprinted on those wedges.

Which colour would you pick? 

A: orange
B: white
C: blue

i would pick D, which is for wine red :p

They don't have that colour, that's why it has to be a wish