Wednesday, April 04, 2012

unexplainable surge of happiness

Dinner after midnight on monday

My food after work at midnight ):

It's not easy earning money. haha.

I was pretty upset that day as I didn't anticipate to stay till last hours since I didn't anticipate the system to give me problems.

But he came to fetch me (:

Did work on his lappie while waiting for me at my office lobby, and fell asleep cos he was too tired and didnt have dinner too.

Then we went to have our little feast.


He came to pick me up this morning for work. With breakfast and hot soya milk.
More sleep for me since I had 2 late nights. yayys 

Finally I get to knock off at a decent timing today and we had fish&co seafood platter for one with sword fish collar.

I was too hungry, thus no photos of food. But there was this unexplainable surge of happiness as I chomped down my food. So hungry. Finished with a sinful portion of earl grey milk tea from gongcha

And I bumped into this 'long-lost' friend (:

Tmr is thursday and officially the last working day for the week!
cheers to gooooooood friday (:

*Putting on facemask on a mission to save the complexion after 2 days of 15hours work marathon*

Good night people!