Monday, June 04, 2012

hello kitties and friends

hello my kitties!

All from macdonalds. My precious mummy bought them for me since more than 10 years ago when macs launched the kitty soft toys and there was the whole hello kitty craze and frenzy.

And cos mummy knows I was a crazy hello kitty fan she bought them for me <3

Thank you mummy <3

There's my favourite astronaut pair which she bought it at kinda a hefty sum (3-4 times the normal price) cos I wanted it. But it's kinda missing now, I think its somewhere around the messy house, but it's definitely around, i have to find them!

My cousin and her family came over for a short weekend (:

It's a short trip, but nevertheless, it's nice to have their company

Remember the old school rainbow slinky that we used to juggle until the entire toy gets tangled up and we would chuck it aside? oops. *guilty* They are now returning with a new twist. literally. In shapes of hearts and stars. The last time I saw this toy around was say, 7-8 years again? 

But now, this simple toy is launching its presence now again, popping up everywhere in the neighbourhood and tugging at our childhood memories thread.

This simple toy sure bring kids lots of entertainment (:

Latest fashion: wear it like a hairband, or funky shades!