Sunday, April 07, 2013

The Dancing Jewels-New portal


Hello Sweethearts! 

For those who has joined TDJ mailing list here or followed our facebook page here, you would have known that we have shifted to a new portal for easier browsing of products and more convenient shopping. 


There is also the act to cart function.However fret not for those who enjoy emailing me or whatsapping me your orders. You can still do that! This portal is mainly to make browsing designs more friendly and convenient!

If you noted there are 3 types of shipping option. Registered mailing is still the basic mode of delivery to ensure all jewels are delivered safe and sound. In the first option, there is abit more hassle of the screenshot of the cart purchase (as per the screenshot above) and emailing me with your mailing addy after interbank pmt has been made to save on the credit card transaction fee.

TDJ would love to extend lower prices to all of you, and if you don't mind the hassle,the first option is the best (: No transaction fees. YAYY!

For those who prefer automation, there's the 2nd option whereby another $3 is required due to transaction fees imposed from paypal for the use of credit card. All orders, payment and mailing address will be captured by the system and you need not need to email me with the details

We have also branched out a separate line of statement baubles which features imported statement jewelry specially handpicked. For those who have already placed the orders, they are already on the way. YAYY!

Okay, enough talking! Please click away and I hope that you enjoy this new shopping experience!