Sunday, April 07, 2013

Bee Kay Kay :14-17Mar'13 {Day1}

Hello people!
Yes I'm finally away from work and in bee kay kay for my well deserved holiday!


okay that's actually last month and I haven't updated the trip until now/one month later

And I so wanna go back there actually. All eating, shopping and playing. YAYY!

Actually I just came back from a bkk trip with my family last november. But this trip was with le bf and his friends, and with a different company, I was sure the experience would be different, and yes it definitely is :) more fun, more havoc( ok just a teeny bit more), more food, and more shopping!

During our trip, we stayed at 2 different hotels and lets start off with the first one- Ibis Siam

Priced at about 60SGD (incl. of tax) per room per night and tucked near the vicinity of MBS, I would say it is the pretty standard prices of cheaper hotels in Bkk nowadays. The room is pretty small but the main thrill of this hotel is the night market within walking distance that I will be sharing later on. 

But something I didn't enjoy at this hotel during this trip would be the non-sound proof doors/walls. During our night there, I was constantly on tether hooks either because the rooms were super non-sound proof, or the neighbours were too noisy. Our room was at the end of the aisle, and almost every 5 mins at night, the neighbours would have visitors and it feels as if someone is knocking on our door and trying to enter. And the voice level outside our room is totally very audible. And I would plead for my bf to check out what's going on even if it repeats every 5-10minutes.

And it keeps me awake and jumping up in fear the whole night.

But my friends staying at the same level at the other side did not have such a problem. Perhaps we were just plain unlucky ):

As compared to my first trip to bkk where I stayed at Tango around Platinium area (45SGD per room per night or maybe that was 2years ago before prices increase/inflation), this room is more pricey. But it's always nice to try new hotels, despite the bad noise experience

I've also heard about Budacco hotel and the night market around that area, and would love to try it for the next trip (:

And that pretty much ends the photo tour of the room since its really small. But I really like their policy of service within 10mins or it is on the hotel as this ensures that your requests are quickly met!(:

 MK restaurant was the first place we headed to after we checked into the hotel to refuel our tummies since it is walking distance from Ibis. And it was upon recommendation that this place became a must-try.However, it was really disappointing )): maybe it is because we went to the incorrect series of MK restaurants as we subsequently realised that they have a different series or themes.

It was pretty much just like a steamboat place that is similar to any other steamboat place in singapore and there's nothing worth mentioning about. Although the staff there were really polite.

The duck was not bad, but I would not recommend this steamboat place if you have limited calories to spare and we should always save them up for better foooood, or perhaps try the MK chain that is not the steamboat series.

Like what le bf said, maybe this is the new series of restaurants that the owner wants to bring in to introduce to the locals there since we also spotted dim sum in the menu! Maybe it is like Sushi Tei or Crystal Jade in Singapore, a foreign crusine brought in to introduce to the locals.

After which, we headed over to Siam square where I did a little shopping (:

Le bf with his new drink from 7-11..which tasted like mouth wash. Flavour was lime and mint, but.. yea, mouth wash.

A random phat thai road side stall that we spotted after our shopping and it looks really good from.... the long queue :p you know how tempting it is to buy food from stalls that have long queues :p

The auntie charged us more than the locals since, well, we are tourists. It was maybe like another 5-10baht more in comparison. But I'm not complaining, definitely not, especially when thai food is so yummy and prices are sooo cheap to begin with. It's just an observation that I didn't use to have from my previous 2 trips.

The latest trend, spotted with rilakuma shopping bag

Look pa! such a big packet of phat thai that we shared among 5 people! Love the noodles as it is really thick and Q (bouncy) unlike the normal ones from the food court. 

And guess what, we were in luck that there was a Muay Thai championship event held near our hotel that night. Lucky us!

Night market!! 

This night market is a gem, with lots of local speciality stalls selling BBQ pork, roasted chicken, more pork and more pork.

But also crickets and worms and bugs.

BEWARE for the below photo! 

I totally snapped this picture without looking into the camera, cos it really gives me the goosebumps


For those brave souls out there who want's to try something new, pick your bug!


There's also the massage area at the night market which we had no time to try as we were busy buying food back to the hotel and pigging out


And the popular mookata at the night market. check out the crowd! 

Look at the food we got! lots of pork and roast chicken and squid and YUM.

What's room party without some drinks, and ICE!
So we called for room service for a bucket of ice and its only 20baht! for one big bucket!
How awesome is that!

But the bf couldn't get the mookata image out of his head. And kept repeating that he wants to come back to try it the next day (even though we would have moved to our next hotel in platinium).

So, being the sweetest gf, I told him that we can go back to eat it (since he checked with the mookata lady and from some hands gestures deduced it closes at 2am). And to also prevent him waking me up in the middle of the night craving for that mookata.

And off we went!

Mookata at the really really authentic level! Sitting on the weaved mats, eating over charcoal pots and drinking coke from the glass bottles. How more authetic can this get!

And of cause with authenticity comes the language barrier as the Mookata lady didn't understand English. But she's real cute. Admist the chattering of trying to communicate, she stuck out her hand to motion to us to wait, and took out a small piece of paper with thai and simple English translation of the menu.

I guess the food got so popular that so many tourists patronize them such that she did up this small little menu. And I'm real glad that all that didn't change the stall such that it is so touristy.

Love the unique authentic experience of sitting on the matts and eating Mookata!

Look at all the meat and the vegetables! Despite all the pork and chicken from the stalls we fed our tummies with, the boys were still really thrilled about this. We ordered one medium portion which was supposed to come with prawns, but given their good business and how late it already is, the lady replaced the missing ingredients with more chicken. And there was a complimentary plate of vegetables. And it wasn't enough for the boys! They ordered another small plate of meat, which also came with a plate of vegetables.

And the kind lady did not show any tinge of unwillingness despite it being almost midnight, and we were kinda like the last few batches of customers there.


And the next best news is, guess how much the total bill came up to?


I nearly rolled off from my position! So much food and drinks for a mere 10SGD? Okay I know thai food is cheap, but I have never experienced it this cheap before? And I'm so grateful this meal way surpasses satisfatory for the boys as they were so disappointed with the MK meal earlier on which costed us a whooping 800+ baht.

And this meal left the boys reminiscing for more and drooling everything we mention it during the trip.

Disclaimer: Maybe for those that have tried it, you may not feel that it is so out of the world, or for those who want to try it, please keep your expectations reasonable. I do not want to create unrealistic expectations from this post, but just want to share our great experience at this place as these reaction are solely from ourselves during the trip (; But I personally feel that it is a worthy to try experience and the food's good!

 And that sums up our first day at BKK!

Day 2 post coming really soooon!

Sooo many pictures and it's monday tmr so please excuse me as I need some rest! hehe