Friday, May 24, 2013

Favourite boy

A backdated post of my favourite boy's birthday last friday (:

Having heard many raves about Dozo, I decided to treat my love to a good meal at this place and emailed the restaurant 2 weeks before to book this lovely place.

Situated at River Valley, we headed there straight after work for our 7.30pm date. Dozo specialises in their 7 course set meal dinner where you choose one item for each course, except for the starters

Spot the bunch of sticks at the left side of the photo, they are not incense sticks, but complimentary bread/cheese sticks. I feel like i'm eating incense sticks every time i reach for one.

Welcome drink from dozo, which tasted a little too sweet for my liking. But I love the artificial lavender sprigs. I'm such a sucker for pretty stuff :/

First up was the fixed/standard starter of seared scallop, foie gras and smoked salmon. I loved how the waiter would introduce each dish to us, and advise us on the sequence of tucking into the starters.

Personally loved the starters, considering they hit my soft spots with all my favourite food.

If I didn't remember the sequence wrongly, next up was the above. I had the fresh and succulent king crab claw salad, while the boy had the beef tataki with shaved parmesan and mayo.

Love the refreshing dressing of the salad and juicy crab claw. yumms

Tbh, I'm not a fan of beef, partially for religious region, and also because of the beefy smell. But I actually quite like this as it doesn't reek of the beef stench, perhaps because of the cheese and mayo. But I really like this and kept taking bf's portion.

And we had a choice of Japanese clam soup and crab bisque in espresso style.
Crab bisque had a stronger taste as compared to the light touch of Japanese clam soup. For a avid fan of strong flavours, I prefer the crab bisque. 

Have heard about the awesome reviews and recommendation of the foie gras chawanmushi, but if i didn't remember wrongly, on last flavour, somehow the foie gras tasted like chocolate and i was massively disappointed.

I love foie gras oh-so-very-much and prefer savoury food to sweet flavours. Being my awesome bf, he offered to exchange his dish of escargots with me.


It's another of my favourite dish. Did i mention I love french crusine? And this french-japanese fusion restaurant is <3

And before the mains arrived, the bf with teeny weeny appetite was full. Can you imagine it?
I had my poached salmon and half of his six piece sushi :p

Poached salmon was pretty normal, and six piece sushi tasted, alright. like sushi. haha

My friend recommended the pork cheeks and that shall be my choice the next time I patronise this place(:

Can't remember what's the name of the drinks, but mine was a blend of vegetables and fruit juice. The sweet liquids in the test tubes tested much like bubblegum drink and not to my fancy. The bf was commenting about the brand of the test tube imprinted on the edge and that they were of good quality.

Haha, really, the things he observe.

Finally, dessert! Chocolate molten lava cake with vanilla ice cream. Yums. There was also the green tea ice cream and mochi, but i found the ice cream too sweet and didn't really like the mochi. 

Happy birthday sweetheart <3

Dozo also kindly prepared the adorable bite-size cupcake, which we found it overly sweet acty. But really appreciate it for the effort of customising a birthday greeting for my boy. Although there were like 5 other birthday dinners there, and I was trying to drown out the staff singing birthday song to them in order not to spoil the birthday muffin for my boy.This just shows how popular it is for birthday treats (:

Could see how happy he was when the waiter came with the cake and sang him the birthday song. And he kindly offered to take photos for us. Really love their impeccable service.

Thank you for everything darling.
Hope you love the dinner


491 River Valley Road
#02-02/03 Valley point shopping centre