Friday, June 07, 2013

Nautical x gladiator x sequins

{Natical maxi. bugis. sequins bag. overseas.gladiator sandals.charles and keith. 
gold bugs necklace.thailand. gold casio watch.gifted}

Pardon me for my not so fantastic cum grainy shots of my coordinate. Have been brainstorming on how to improve them (:

How's my new gladiator sandals from Charles and Keith? Got it just over the weekend cos my feet were hurting from another new pair of shoes. Oops. 
Justification: Its on 40% off! AND it has previously caught my eye when it was first launched!
So what excuse to not buy? (;

Spot my paper beneath the sandals. heh. Have to make sure this shot doesn't dirty my bedsheets.

I love how this pair of browns, golds and studs add texture to the outfit. And throw in my favourite black sequins bag, and a couple of gold accessories, and the outfit is good to go!

Have been receiving many credits on my fav black sequins bag and have since helped 4 other friends purchased it. And T's colleagues were gushing over how lovely this bag is too! But haven't really decided whether I should launch it in store due to the mailing issue.

So meanwhile, if anyone's keen, feel free to drop me a mail at (;

Alright, have to go. The bf's coming back from his work day-trip to Batam. Time to meet him soon(: