Wednesday, January 08, 2014

Five and Dime with G.I Jo

Hello girls,

It's my first post to my blog using my new iPad and the blogger app today! Yay to another blog post up!

It's a cafe hopping post today, and we have settled on the much talked about Five and Dime cafe that sits at Rivervalley. With the help of directions savvy G and Jo's map app, we managed to walk there from somerset mrt after a good 15-20mins, including missing the green man indicator to cross the road while discussing G's outfit. #bimbotothemax

Thanks G for the post. Can you spot a glimpse of the green layering necklace from the gorgeous Cendrio gem set in store. 

Kicking off our meet up which G's egg Benny's set. 

And the waffles topped with the common chocolate and vanilla flavored ice cream. TBH, there was nothin fantastic about it

And a sneaky shot by yours truly of my girls also snapping away to accommodate my #instaaddict photo taking addition :p

New in store was this chocolate golden lava cake which caught G's eye

And there it is, the salty gold oozing out admist it's sweet moist cave. A pretty interesting dish I must say, but nothing really fantastic and worth 12SGD. I really still kinda prefer Bakerzin's cake or Carpenter and Cook's pastry (:

The full array of our desserts including the new Milo panna cotta that's pretty cold and creamy. About too gelat if you are gonna have it all to yourself 

And here's our patterned theme outfit shot together and I finally get to wear my grandma-worthy-leopard-preen super comfy pants (: cheers to our 7 years of friendship and counting!

An ootd after 1000 failed shots cos the granny pants were really unkind to me for my ootds. And my pretty Jo.

Can't wait for the next outfit themed cafe hopping session with my girls. 

Signing off,

P.s I'm really kinda proud of myself for coming up with this name for us. *chuckles* #cheapthrilltothemax