Sunday, January 26, 2014

Happy two

#throwback to last saturday, it marks 2 years from the day he first held my hand when we were crossing the road. Can't believe we started off just as simple as that. It's not the romantic over-the-top way of starting a new chapter, but sometimes, love can be just as simple as this (:

The boy doesn't like anything extra that he doesn't use. He only has one pair of shoes for work, one pair for non work wear and one pair of slippers! Hehe so this year I tried baking shortcakes using my aunt's recipe. My first attempt at 11pm and plus I was so sleepy i missed some steps, so the cookies were not up to par. But i guess it's acceptable :p

Weather was kind to us and we had a little picnic at botanic gardens. The boy had to be involved in a recruitment drive that morning, a result of our upcoming HK trip and so he only brought along biscuits. And oh boy, were the little birds there happy. And it's where we went through the stack of HDB documents to select the beginning to the next chapter (:

For dinner, we were supposed to head to this little place the boy recommended, but that ended up only a place for tea and pastries :/ and the other restaurants were packed to the brim with its Saturday crowd. But it must have been a good thing as this little hideout caught our attention while roaming along baghad streets for some tummy food

It was fun to be welcomed with the airplane curtains, which really gives me the feeling of being onboard an actual aircraft!

Love how even the windows are similar to that of the airplane

And the stylish bar-styled kitchen

You can also enjoy alcoholic drinks to complete the aircraft experience

And pretend that you are in your private jet with an exclusive chef. Absolutely love it that we were able to skip the crowded restaurants and dine with gentle music in our own "me" time. This place is rather small and there were only 1-2 other tables that were occupied while we were there

Select your delectable Japanese cruisines from the flight menu

The boy is reaaaaally hungry

Absolutely love the silky smooth udon noodles that they serve. Have never eaten anything sooooo good(:

And I've been slurping up the noodles non stop 

And serving up is this lobster salad mango roll with bonito rice. It's amazingly good and larger than the images from the menu 

And that's the feast of our 2nd anniversary (: and oh boy we have over ordered. Thanks to me who set my eyes on many dishes, and it doesn't help that my sweetheart has a super small appetite :x and greedy me finisheeeeeed all the food!


Alien alert: when friends meet friends :p