Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Hueys in the kitchen #3: Slurp french toast

One of those mornings when the tummy wants something better, complaining of the usual cereals, bread or biscuits. And yes, this french toast is definitely sometime good for a quick breakkie fix

2 Eggs
2/3 cups Milk
Dash of salt
Dash of sugar
Vanilla essence- Optional
 ( didn't had this in the fridge so I skipped this)
Nutmeg- Optional
Cinnamon -Optional
(Preferred mine without Cinnamon)
Cheese- Optional
Honey- Optional

Whisk together the eggs, salt, sugar, nutmeg,vanilla essence and cinnamon (if applicable)

Add in the milk and give it a good mix

Dunk the bread like you are dunking your enemy  oreo so that it absorbs enough of the good stuff

Heat up the pan with some unsalted butter

And it's done!(:
Top it up with fresh fruits ( I only had bananas), drizzle with honey (I forgot to do that) for some tummy treat!