Friday, December 26, 2014

Like a mermaid

It's always the time of the year when I'm dreaming for a holiday.
Think of the sun, sea, sand and seashells.
Sipping lychee martini while enjoying the blue waves lapping against the rocks.
But there is a difference between dream and reality. Since I can't be away on a vacay, having my mermaid dreams on my nails sounds like a plan as well(:
I must be real lucky to have my nails done up so pretty for my mermaid fantasy just in time for Christmas!
Based in Sengkang, this homely little nail salon has the necessities needed to beautify your nails.
Neat rows of nail polishes and canisters of glitter, charms and knick knacks, it's time to think of how you would like to pamper your nails
Don't you love those canisters of colours?
My favourite has to be the intricate mermaid scales in gradual blue tones and glitter.
Like bubbles from the underwater corals, each nail is intricately painted for the mermaid fantasy,
Can you spot the gold little stars ontop the blue bubbled nails?

For the love of seashells, this gold seashell and crystal cluster atop the baby blue hues, with strokes of whites and glitter overlay, the mermaid fantasy is perfect.
What do you think?(:
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