Saturday, December 20, 2014

Lucky claypot rice, just the way we love it

Claypot rice, how do you usually eat yours? Before le bf brought me to this place, which is also his favourite, our claypot rice was eaten with the dark soya and oil drizzled all over the rice and ingredients.

But my boy has his own way of eating.

Remove all the ingredients: Chunks of salted fish ( One of the reason why I love this store), meat, preserved sausage.

Mix in the dark soya and oil 

And it's time to serve your tummies!


Don't miss their watercress soup if you are having your dinner. 
It's $4.50 only for a generous helping!

Average waiting time during non-peak its about 45mins-1.5hours.
So pre book your pot so that you can tuck in the moment you reach(:



Check out their facebook page here

Lucky Claypot rice

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Store instagram: @thedancingjewels
Personal instagram: @yellowdaisypetals