Monday, February 23, 2015

Mee sua x Abalone broth

Started off the 初五 morning with some exercises and whipped up a quick fix for lunch earlier on.

Mee sua with pork, prawns, enoki mushrooms in abalone broth. It's so delicious I thought I was in heaven and it is supremely easy to cook, all under 10 mins!

Abalone broth is the soup from the Canned Abalone ( Mine was New moon's Newzealand abalone)

Step1: Marinate the pork belly with light soya sauce ( I love pork belly for it's chewy texture but at the same time have to keep check of the fats intake, so trimming off the top layer of fats seems to keep both sides satisfied)

Step 2: Devein and deshell the prawns and keep the head intact

Step 3: Boil a pot of water to cook the mee sua quickly. I don't like mine too soft and like it to retain abit of its saltiness. Dish up the mee sua and set aside.

Step 4: Bring to boil the abalone broth with abit of water and add in pork and prawns until they are cooked.

Step5: Pour the broth over the mee sua and you are ready to feed your tummy!

I forgot about the enoki mushrooms till the last step and just burried them under the mee sua and soup.
And they cook real fast!

I'm loving this so much I'm craving for one more bowl right now!