Wednesday, February 18, 2015

CNY Pineapple tart bakes and Yuen Fatt mooncakes

Writing this post before preparing for the reunion dinner on 除夕。Finally the festive season to justify your sinful eats has arrived, with the perfect reason for every gathering!

A little snapshot of all the pineapple tarts that we have baked this year(:
It's no joke baking thousands of these little ones.

Love full of pineapple tarts

And yes, I pretty much burnt my valentine's day with the boy churning out these golden balls.

I guess this would be one of the most memorable valentine's day!(: We killed 2 entire Saturdays for pineapple tarts making (incl valentine's), with the poor boy having no sleep at all and jetting off to a week of business trip soon after.

The poor boy told me he was so sleepy he fell asleep twice while packing in the tarts into the bottles.

Managed to sneak out for a quick dinner for Valentine's day as I had to drop off TDJ stocks at Kissjane Cityhall. Else Valentine's day dinner would just have been at the coffeeshop downstairs.

But it was really sad that it was also the first time we experienced such horrible Mookata. We're sorry, but it was the worst we have tasted ): 

Stubbornly insisting to doll up even though it was a short while out. It's valentine's day, I can dress up right!(:


Our customer J who loves our pineapple tarts so much. Thanks sweet J, your love for it really keeps us going. Honestly selling of pineapple tarts is absolutely not lucrative, with the mass amount of time and effort needed for that little bit of income, I could well just focus on TDJ.

But it's quality time with the boyfriend that makes things all better. And sweet appreciation for our tarts(:

And J's reaction when I told her the bf contemplated not to sell next year, but well I convinced him to do so, except that we have to cut off orders earlier and make proper planning for the order taking!

But it seems all worth it when our customers love them, with one of my brother's colleagues ordering 8 bottles at one shot after trying them. Thanks for loving our golden treats!

A big thank you for all of you who have ordered from us! We are sorry we had to cancel some orders and reject others. We will be opening up the orders earlier nx year!(:

What else did you get for your CNY festive goodies stash?

We also had the yummy Yuen Fatt mooncakes for our nibbles(:
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Happy Chinese New Year everyone!
I'm off to prepare dinner!