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Taiwan: 10-18 Oct'14 8D7N in the land of bubble tea land Day 6

Day 6 of our Taiwan trip started off at this Japanese restaurant located near Taipai main train station (台北車站). At about 11am in the morning, the place was fully packed. We passed by this restaurant twice and couldn't resist joining in the queue

Generous slabs of sashimi, oh boy were they heavenly good. I'm so craving for this right now!

Fish chunks probably from the fish bone used to boil the soup.

I'm already feeling my tummy growl again, looking at this pretty grains of sashimi.

Taiwan is definitely a seafood heaven and you should not not miss tucking into these fresh slices of meat, especially AAD

Each set cost about 250NTD which is only about 10SGD.
It's definitely an irresistible deal for the generous serving of sashimi and it's freshness!



No.42-55, Huayin St., Datong Dist., Taipei City 103

营业时间:06:00(零售生鱼片09:00开始)~13:00 每周一公休


How about some dessert after your feast? Just across the zebra crossing sits little this old school "push-cart" style

At about 25NTD/ 1SGD, you get to enjoy feasting on the handmade processes of how they make the pancakes. 

I really enjoying looking at the pancake making process and can't stop snapping photos. I hope you do too(:

And here's the pretty little slab, all ready for tucking in.

HouShanPi MRT Station to WuFenPu

Since we were already at Taipei main station(台北車站) for lunch earlier on, we hopped onto HouShanpi(後山埤) station to reach Wufenpu. Exit from exit 1, follow the street signs and the crowd to your destination which will be about 10-15 mins walk. You can also refer to the map above.

It would be advisable to only drop by in the evening, about 5PM else most of the stalls would not be opened.

Undisputedly one of Taipei's largest garment wholesale area, Wu Fen Pu is also one of the tourist attractions. It easily has more than 1000 shops selling garments and accessories, but sadly nothing caught my eye here, probably only a top.

WUFenPu to RaoHe Night Market

Located 10-15 minutes away from Wu Fen Pu ( somehow we didn't clock the dist within 8mins per the map), is the bustling night market.

You should be passing these landmarks along the way, the Songshan Railway station


And here you are! We found the night market pretty small compared to the Fengjia night market at Taichung. Read here and here

Giant BBQ squids, which seemed to be something that you can't miss from the night market. It seems pretty standard that all fried/grilled stuffs will be topped with the standard pepper condiments.

The seller easily guessed that we were Singaporeans, going with her easy-and-accurate judgement that, most Singaporean guys will be in berms. It certainly seemed accurate as the boy was dressed in his. What do you think?(: 

Fried chicken cutlet which was honestly pretty good.

PJ milk tea. Thankfully there was no queue at Rao He Night Market, compared to the snaking queue at Fengjia. So please do not waste your precious time queuing for it at Fengjia if you have Rao He Night Market on the list. But even if it's not, we say it's not that desirable for you to spend you time queuing

Except that I fancied that adorable bag they tied it into. But the milk tea could have been better.
We headed back pretty early as there was nothing much to see. Mainly stores of food and games, and not much apparels and sorts for shopping.

The night was still early so we heading back to our hotel to disembark our cargo first before heading back to explore. We found a little cafe upstairs  along the little streets and decided to check it out. It was a pretty cool concept to be seating on the swings and having stones beneath your feet and table.

But the waffles were pretty meh

And because it was my birthday that day, the boyfriend got me a cheesecake, but they didn't have a candle. So I drew one for myself (:

Ended the night stocking up more of my favourite milk tea from the 7-11 stores, and also work towards my next mission, to get a Hello Kitty tumbler of my choice.

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