Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Loving Hongkong May2015 Part 2

Started off the next day with clearing some emails from the store.

And how better than to start the day with some fluttering lashes? Can't get over how adorable this piece is. Available here

And the kitty-monkey duo is out to search for some breakfast

If you are around Causway bay area, do look out for this little store. 

It serves a trio of Hongkong delights for 30HKD ~ 5.50SGD. We loved how the fishballs here really exudes the fish paste taste, unlike those from Singapore, I can bearly taste any fish taste.

And the heavenly combination with the curry, I'm really drooling over it now.

And it was such a feast. Both of us were so stuffed from it.

Decked in TDJ
Raven necklace, Blare shorts (Sold out), Agatha clutch

Wanted to have lunch at Yi Dian Xin 一点心,but it was terribly crowded. We settled down at the dim sum place around the corner but it proved to be quite a disappointment, except for the milk tea.

And that's all for our trip! Can't wait for the next foodie trip!

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