Friday, May 29, 2015

TDJ Styled: Shiseido brocade maxi and mini

Spotting jumping squirrels amongst the lush greenery, we love how the shoot seemed to emerge out from a mystical fairytale. 

It was like a walk down the enchanted garden decked in soft yellow laces and the sparkling headpiece.

Headpiece: Caldwell headpiece

The Caldwell headpiece comes in a compact flat form to prevent damage to the delicates.
Here are 2 Simple steps on prepping Caldwell for your shoot.

1. Bend out the sides of the headpiece

2. Bend back the headpiece as this will go around the frame of your head

And there you have it. Caldwell is perfect as a one size fits all with it's malleable wiring and extension chains allowing the size to be adjusted accordingly for wearing.

We have also heard your calls for the backorder of the Shiseido Lace brocade maxi.
Don't miss it again!

Shop it here now, backorders close 31 May 2015

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