Monday, June 15, 2015

TDJ gemstone crowns

After receiving ardent queries on the Amethyst crowns, we are hyped to be able to showcase our last few pieces of crowns to you. While we are out of Amethyst crowns at the moment, do join our backorders for limited slots here.

Do note that the backorder of the amethyst pieces are similar to the one Francesca is styling, but will not be exactly the same as they are natural deposits of minerals (:

Meanwhile, for those who can't wait, shop the remaining pieces of Fluorite crowns here

We also have a batch of amethyst minis coming right up!

While we prepare the photoshoot for this jewels, email us at if you can't wait!

The amethyst crown minis are approximately 2.5cm compared to the regulars coming at 3-4cm.
They will come in 65cm 14k gold plated chain and will be retailing at $30.

Check out how Francesca incorporate these gemstones into her outfit styles in Japan here

Note: We did a custom length alteration for Francesca as she wanted to layer both necklaces for styling. All lengths will follow that as stated in store. Do leave us a note if you prefer to have it altered at the checkout page

Also, apart from our flagship rack at Kissjane Citylink Mall, we can now be found at Kissjane Bugis Junction too!

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