Wednesday, July 08, 2015

Date with the old railway station and my love

A date 2 Sundays ago with my love before heading over to our friend's-baby's-first-birthday-celebration (what a mouthful!)

Have been struggling lately to ensure that I stop overworking myself, scheduling and ensure all work has been completed by Friday.

In days when you set the deadlines, timeline and any possible schedules, it is really quite a pile to handle!

Testing out our new Canon 50mm lens. The boy has been reading up and following up on photography and he seems pretty satisfied with the turnout of the lens.

Look it's so clear!, he would exlaim with such satisfaction after zooming in x number of times from the camera.

It seems it is a pretty recommended good lens on the photography forums. 

Back details of the upcoming lace tunic. I'm really loving the back details and the front foral laces.

Sometimes we run out of places to date, and end up working (well indirectly since we get to have some fun).

Can't wait forward to the upcoming vacations for a thorough rest!(:

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