Tuesday, July 21, 2015

A weekend of rustic charm in Malacca

Because long weekends always warrants a valid reason for a short getaway stuffing my days in food. As per all my malacca trips, there was not a single moment of hunger (:

In the midst of all the eating, my cousin brought me to visit one of the largest Pasar Malam in Malacca around the Malim area. Most stores are all ready by 5.30pm and there are a splendor array of stalls, ranging from dried goods and raw fishes to cooked dishes for packing back.

Can't resist retreating into respites of the ice cooled sugar cane that is freshly squeezed on the spot, the old school charming way of dangling packets of chwee kuey. And the adorable uncle by the oyster egg store

There's even a portable oven, yes, you heard me right, located in the van where vendors sell their freshly baked pastries. And one of my favourite scenes of the night, glorious roasted ducks.

Despite the unbearable weather, it was certainly fun soaking up the old school charm emitting from this massive night market, which unfortunately has been largely commercialized in Singapore.