Saturday, October 23, 2010

because its 1410

 Because its 1410, my beloved best friend, alethea thio celebrated with me after work. YAYY! even though she made me travel to her work place to meet her cos she couldn't pack up in time.hmph.
we went to tom yam kungfu (something like that, cos I can't remember the exact name) for some yummy thai steamboat at Clarke Quay!

 check out my fat cheeks!
 yes, i know i know, you love me (:
A double love (;

 The deep fried kangkong was pretty awesome, with some seafood hidden beneath
 And the deep fried chicken, which as usual, I can't catch the name
and there was an excess amount of food. Shucks why does this always happen! haha. for my birthday celebration last year with di, we also ordered too much food!

After dinner, we decided to head to the river for some peektures! (:

Its really quite pretty here at night (:

My bracelet matches with the beer, and my outfit!black and white! and with Ali's outfit too (;

at times when your best friend can't take photos at the cue of 1,2,3 ain't you glad that you usually swim and exercise! so that when she snaps you by surprise on the camera, you will not have flabby arms!

and then bugs bunny and tweety bird descended from the sky.

 and this, is for being unable to attend my 21st birthday bash last year cos you were drooling over the cute guys in sweden

I love you, bunny (: