Sunday, March 04, 2012

oh so wicked

polka-dotted top. random shop at ann siang. red pencil skirt. marina parade.cape.
bugis. bag. prada. ring. Forever 21

the last picture. pouting cos i was tired. oops. 

awesome wicked show bought by him for our first valentine's day

have been wanting to see it since like forever!

its galinda, with a ga

toss toss, ah ha ha ha

My absolutely favourite lines in the play!

playing paparazzi

Supper after the musical at Macdonalds.
psst. we were trying to be less sinful by choosing apple pie and cup corn with fluffy

fluffy, our dating drink (:

our first supper was to have fluffy at east coast park's fluffy when I posted a facebook status
update that my stomach was rumbling.

and it was followed by subsequent supper dates mostly with fluffy (:

One of the prettiest fluffy designs I had with him at AMK's Mac's.
I remembered it was drizzling that night.
and he took sheltered me with an umbrella

and he put his hand on my shoulder.

how sneaky :p

oops. I'm being watched