Sunday, October 24, 2010

island cremery because its 1410

met up with Jo (18/10) for my birthday (;

Hello my pretty personal waitress!

Their mudpie is awesomely good!

Mini Alaska. Shall keep what treasure is hidden beneath a secret for now =p

Reversi-o icecream with waffle and maple syrup! Reversi-o seems to actually be a very yummy chocolate flavoured ice cream that island creamery conjured up

And amazing homemade ice cream! with teh terik flavour and milo ping pong ( which has marshmallows inside!) YUMMS! I was super for milo ice cream cos my mum always buys it for me whenever its children's day. But I was unable to get my hands on one this year. So this shall make up for it!

And I'm proud to announce, that, we are the dessert gluttons! 

lets tuck in!

Hidden in mini alaska was actually amazing strawberry homemade icecream! its actually ice cream hidden in frozen sugar icing which allows this little desert to keep its adorable eskimo shape

dribbling the maple syrup over the waffle. 
6 alphabets.

but who cares! not me! (;

hehehe. I wonder what made J so happy that she has to hide her smiles =p

and now its presents time! yayy! here's my pretty present-giver

being asked to close my eyes to wait for my loot!

waiting and waiting

yayy! a collage made by J! LOVES! photos of us hanging out together, where we were there for each other. When she was down, when I graduated, when we have tai-tai wananbe dreams and when we hung out with grace

I spy with my little eye and I spotted my twin!

Don't we simply look alike?

yayy! my presents that J chose for me.

Now that I have aged by one year, I certainly wouldn't mind looking like above 30years later. 

and i've yet to mention! this is my new jump suit I bought the day just before I met J!
It was totally love-at-first-sight <3
I walked out from the opposite store, when I saw this beauty being hung up on display, and i was pointing at it with immense excited and exclaimed : OMG! I WANT THAT! and I just zooomed over.
okay, it must be pretty embarrassing if others saw me doing that, but its a love-at-first-sight feeling. Have to fight for my love (;

I've always wanted a jumper, with such prints. happy happy (:

and this is my new found boyfriend. Say hi to everyone, Mr Ronald Macdonald.

Thanks J! for spending my birthday week with me, for the awesome treat at Island Creamery, for the presents you bought me, for always being there for me, and for the love you showered me with.