Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Updates for the week

Turquoise tunic. Hongkong. Jean skirt. malacca. embroidery clutch. gifted.
red lippie. Maybeline

Chanel and rose for my bestie's birthday(:
Dinner was at bangkok jam while dessert at Paris Baguette. Strawberry shortcake wasn't worth the calories. In fact bakerzin can beat it hands down in price and taste. boos.

but the original milk pudding was alright, without the need to mix the caramel settled at the bottle, else it will be awfully sweet

First Christmas Dinner on sunday, with portluck from everyone. Bestie roasted chicken while Couple W made pasta and log cake. Bf and I made potato salad. And the yummy fried chicken wings, ham and Bens and Jerry's ice cream. hehe and vodka orange. slurps.

its nice to have gatherings once a while ((:

And this is the self-made logcake by Mr Wong. so 'sellable' right! Professional!


More supplies! Its time to work hard on my designs!