Monday, September 12, 2011

hate that machine

I recently got myself a one month free gym pass to one of the gyms.

which made me upset! cos the fat analysis machine said i have 6 kilos of fats to lose. oh how i hate that dreaded machine.

but that made me motivated to shed those annoying kilos. I am indeed too heavy.

So i googled around and found this after my research

Awesome leg exercises

I am determined to get rid of my fat tights ):

And i managed to find these awesome exercises! am so excited!
I went through the exercises while looking at the pictures, and i must say i think they willl work!

I can feel my muscles tighten and my stomach being worked out!

There are a total of 4 phases in this set of exercises.

These models, Rebekka and Candice do this exercises once to twice daily for a week to 10 days to see the results, and subsequently continue to maintain their slim tighs


i'm going to work hard!

And i also found this video which aims to tone up the flabs in the butt and tighs.

psst, you can skip to 2.59 and start watching cos he talks pretty much. but, i think his exercises are pretty useful. 

there are 5 in total

1. bear squat
2. yoga squat
3. hindu squat
4. simple lunges
5.spiderman walk

The exercises are to be done for 30 secs with 15 secs rest interval

I can really feel my tigh and butt muscles being worked out in this regime.

bye flabs! i'm gonna work hard to get rid of you and i won't miss you abit!