Thursday, February 21, 2013

Kko Kko Nara Korean

Having heard of all the raves about this place from my colleagues, we finally managed to make a trip down together after work. hoorays!

So what's on the table?

What else but the popularly raved fried chicken! We ordered half a fried chicken, one fried chicken sweet and spicy flavoured, kimchi pancake and army stew.

But I think it wasn't worth that much raves as I didn't find it that good. Perhaps standards had dropped with all the publicity. Comparatively, I preferred the fried chicken as compared to the sweet and spicy flavoured one as I do not fancy sweetly flavoured main dish.

Heh. It's also my first time trying army stew. Guess what's in there? 

Baked beans, luncheon meat, sausage, beancurd, vegetables, rice cakes in spicy paste base.
 Cheap stew, as one of my colleagues like to call it. hahha. But it's honestly not bad! 
Apparently I heard other places served it with ramen but not this stall.

The kimchi pancake was  not bad. It had a pretty strong potato taste and tasted more like potato pancake. But I quite liked it (:

With another 3 bottles of Soju and and 2 hite beer, the bill amounted to about $210 for 6 eaters. At about $35/head, it's kinda not worth it to me. boos.

But oh wells, it was a great session to relax and chit chat after work!(:

Kko Kko Nara Korean Restaurant
57 Tras Street #01-01 Singapore
Tel: +65 6224 8186