Tuesday, May 08, 2012

Reminiscence of the past

Our old printing shop. Remember those days where dad parked his car along the road and put in coins into the machine for parking, the coffeeshop where I bought barley sweets from, the giant drain across the shop that I had problems crossing when I was young, the GINOMOUS printing machine surrounded with stacks and stacks of paper, that narrow flight of staircases to the 2nd floor which I was always afraid of falling of, and the super old school phone which winds at grandma's pace back to the starting point at each turn of number

Old school chocolate biscuits

Very innovative way of tying hot tea and coffee 

Angry bird

A recent short trip back to malacca reminds me of the childhood memories when I was young.

Its so amazing how time passes so quickly and everyone has grown up now.
The old printing shop has been sold and replaced with the new little nonya shop,
but memories stay

It's still quite amazing that the old provision shop near my cousin's place is still there, and still looking the same. For more than 20 years

oh i have aged