Monday, May 21, 2012

when the food greets you

Good morning sunday morning!

A backdated post over the weekend.
Couldn't sleep late despite is a sunday morning. Sniff.
Due to the obedient bones that woke me up by 8plus

And so, an impromptu breakfast morning at Chong Pang.
There was an overload of food, with white fried carrot cake (cos the brother insisted the large portion to be ordered-guys just don't listen eh), chee cheong fan (which wasn't tasty cos the skin was too thick and the sauce was diluted and not savory enough) and chwee kuey (which the brother ordered too much). Dad satisfied himself with a healthy diet of fish porridge.

Oh and there was the sugar cane juice. How long have I not taken it! I don't remember.
It must have been ages such that my brain cells decided to let it diffuse out of my brain.

Food wasn't fantastic, but its the company that is (: