Thursday, May 31, 2012

it starts with a green ribbon


Its thursday! (:

After 3 continuous nights of working late late and late, I finally decided that it is time I will knock off on time today.Work can never be finished.

But after knocking off on the day, it puts me in a delimma.. cos it is too early to go home, and I'm not used to it! So I drifted around and bought myself a deep green hair pin, which triggered my camwhore photos, because

1) I haven't camwhored for a long time ( a girl should take more photos when she is young, i know right!)
2) i was too lazy to drag my lazy bones to shower
3) I was watching TV with my dad
4) and that means family time

Which allows me to be excused for not going for a timely shower :p

Knocking off on time means I have time to upload my random shots for the week (:

Vintage sparrow necklace with a working clock face from The Dancing Jewels

Apple sweets in vintage jugs 

One of my craves after lunch. waffle oh yes waffles waffles waffles!

ribbon and lace pink top.bugis.snake skin pencil skirt.cotton on australia

Random outfit for today 

hello, cat (:

Today was a fruitful night, spending quality time with my dad, playing draw something, watching teevee, and laughing at him for not having a timely shower.

Its in the genes, i know right!

*totally exploiting my friend's pet phrase; I know right!