Friday, October 19, 2012

The time of the month, of the year: floral affair

Another year older!
Met my bestie last friday for my early birthday celebration.

Featuring my violet baby from le bf (:
thanks honey 

Decided to splurge on myself since its my burfday and did gelish nails!
yayys! Florals and polka dots! It was my first time doing manicure outside (exclude express manicure once), and I'm pretty glad at how it turned out!

But it was pretty pricey as this was a last minute i-wanna-pamper-myself-thing and we didnt buy groupon vouchers. We randomly heading to fareast and picked a nail palour.

This gel manicure set me back by $80, but my awesome sweetheart sponsored me $20 when my face changed as the nail artist told me the price. And of cos, the pretty pretty floral blazer is my bestie's birthday gift for me


and she bought me baby pink roses too (:
muacks. i love this girl
A really floral affair 

We wanted to skip dinner as we had heavy lunch and teabreak respectively. but our greedy tummies were rumbling after we finished manicure. And despite being adamant that we shouldn't dine at sushi tei since we always end up eating there and its my birthday so we should try something new (phew, what a mouthful), we still succumbed to our favourite dining place.

We had our all-time favourite, sashimi salad with sushi tei dressing, tried a new dish (forgot the name but it was oyster sushi) and the mango roll.

We were pretty disappointed with the sushi. The first time the mango roll came, it had a strand of hair embedded in the rose. The 2nd time they replace it, this was how ugly it looked.

squashed pieces of mango.

so disappointing right. yah i know, and it was supposed to be my pre birthday dinner.

And the oyster sushi had burnt seasame seeds): I am extremely sensitive to burnt things and it screams carcinogenic (okay i'm exaggerating, but I just don't like it)

double disappointment. So much for a loyal sushi tei fan cum member

and after dinner, it was time for..