Sunday, December 09, 2012

Pinky jewels

Pink batman style tunic. online.crocheted shorts.bugis. vintage bag. gifted. heels. orchard. vintage watch. gifted. Accessories. TDJ and random

If you noticed, my 2nd pic's posture is almost perpendicular to the ground. heh, that's how le bf asked me pose

Love the heels but its causing so much blisters ):

Carousel xmas tree at Citylink.
So pretty(:

Waiting at Benjamin Barker while le bf tries his clothes

hehe. so cute. but too bad le bf said the waist area was too loose for him. 

Noms with garrett, macadamia and cheese.
omg so sinful

Changed into my new loot from charles and keith cos the heels were hurting. boo

Vietnamese food at Geylang. yums!

Happy man with his dessert!

Thats all! (:
Happy saturday!