Tuesday, December 18, 2012

The Dancing Jewels updates

It was an afternoon masquerade party that everyone has been looking forward to. The vain rabbits chose their favourite black rose and snug it around themselves, while the blue robins grinned proudly with their shiny silver ribbon.

It has been quite a while that such a big event has been around. White, turquoise and pink roses bloomed in their utmost beauty around the garden, with the silver leafs glistering under the soft sunlight. Butterflies flutter around busily to have their wings polished sparkly gold, while the white doves fluffed up their crown.

The swans glide on the pink rose waters in the garden, with their feathers neatly combed.

Decked with snow-white flowers and pink petals weaved into a crown, she stepped into the party, with her deep violet gem necklace shimmering, complete with her white glass heels. Despite her silver mask, nothing can hide the beauty of this eye-catching one. Her soft brown curls cascaded to her shoulders, with a gold butterfly pin tucked behind her ear.

As he was about to walk towards her, he stop
ped. A breathe-taking sight had stopped his footsteps.

Also adorned with a silver mask, stood a black beauty. She bent down, with her eyes closed, showing off her thick curly lashes as she took in the sweet scent of the beautiful giant roses. Her charcoal black curls fell lightly onto her off-shoulder silk dress, tied with gold butterflies. 

Who would he choose? The floral princess, or the black beauty?

Christmas specials: Masquerade Party launched last week!

Thank you for the overwhelming support girls ((:

Most of the items have been sold out and I only have the time to update my blog now!


I also came up with an infinity bracelet design due to overwhelming requests from my friends to come up with one.

How do you like it?

And..... Woohoo! Got shortlisted by Sixpegs/Peggy Chang as one of best of online stores :D

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